HOS application not_bob(this one is readable)
Usual character name: Colin Joghs
BYOND username: Bob_the_first
Discord username: not_bob
Goon servers you play: goon 3
Reason for application:
I feel like I could contribute more to RP round and I think I would enjoy playing HOS.
Security experience:

I have played a bunch of sec through out the past year and I really enjoy it. mostly since it is a job where you are never at the end of the line of progression you can always find out more stuff about sec since it is a mostly player driver experience. And I always find it fun to engage in new fun gimmicks of officers and traitors alike. Also it kind of forces you to be aware of everyone and what kind of crazy stuff is happening around you and that is something I really enjoy. Since it is mostly player made chaos that makes a round fun to engage with.  Further  more it is one of the only jobs were you have to work together with others to do your job and that makes it always interesting. For instance you might have a round where you are only on a team with relatively new players and you have to take more of a mentor stance in the round. I do enjoy these rounds since I like showing players the ropes but this can also cause there to be more chaos in the station since there is less experienced officers around. Or other times you are in a team with a lot more experienced players and you can share stories over coffee and a doughnut. Personally I find a round to be good when there is a lot of RP. And I feel that my job as a sec player is to help progress the round in a fun and engaging way. So for instance I basically never give above like 1 min brig time since it contributes almost nothing to RP and if there is a serious instance were this could be justified that it is usually better to just Adminhelp. And I do feel that there is a large misconception when it comes to the job description of sec officer. Many see it as there job to keep the station save and while this is a some part of the job it is mainly that you need to keep the round fun for everyone crewmates and traitors.
What advice would you give to other sec players?:

in short communication. Good and proper communication between the officers allows for both a more clear overview of the happenings on the station and make it so that all sec member can contribute to the fun of the round. I do know that it can be hard to read all messages or to reply to all messages or to report something that just happened but it can really improve yours and others experience if you do try.

Describe any differences in your playstyle when part of a full security team and when being the only security officer:

When I am in a full team I usually try to engage with the team more so mostly less patrolling and more RP with officers in the sec department and when something does happen I usually try to also get other sec officers involved with whatever is happening. But when I am alone on the team I notice I usually try to get all sources of help to assist me in getting a clear picture of what is happening and what has happened. So for instance I feel like I rely a lot more on the AI to track people or to patrol and such and the captain can usually also be a great asset for this kind of shift.

What's a security gimmick that you've ran or wanted to run?:

I have always wanted to run some sort of Honkanamo Bay where I enlist the help of the clown to elicit confessions from people were the clown (with looc permision) will shout bad insults at them until they confess.
Previous bans: I once did something stupid with a pipe bomb and a changeling I realise it was my mistake I apologised I hope it is all good.
Excuse the bad grammar and spelling please I have rather terrible dyslexia. please give feedback. queen greater domestic space-bee

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