HoS application - Tim Becker
Usual character name: Tim Becker(mostly)/C.A.T.T.O./Ben the Pug
BYOND username: Maniacer
Discord username (if you are on our discord): Maniac#3437
Recommended by (if applicable): -
Goon servers you play: Goon3 & Goon4

Reason for application:
I really want to try being the "leader". Like, a true leader with authority. Something like being the only security officer with few assistants on the shift. It's different feeling than being a leader of certain action. Once or twice I experienced that, hope I did good back then.
Even if I will be accepted as a HoS, I won't play only him. I will still like the normal officer gameplay.

Security experience (300 word minimum):
Back when I was learning the game and I felt like it's time for security, I started as security assistant. I stood on that role for a very long time and tried security officer once on twice, only on low pop moments. Then I felt like I've finally earned my promotion and played security officer mostly/more often.
From the moment I've got a feeling on every job in the game, I've been mostly playing security or medical, but security more, as I could fill the security job as well as prepare a first aid kit to fill the medical part I liked.
As of actual experience, I've been in a lot of situations, formal, weird, dangerous, funny, you call it. I've tasted a bit of everything, from being kidnapped together with half of the security by a clown to attending a shootout. The only thing I haven't seen yet is actual armory access being open for security. I know that this is veeery rare and reasons must be big.
What still causes some problems for me is justyfing when a person did enough to get an execution punishment or permabrig one, but I'm getting hang of it and that's another reason why I'm applying for HoS. I know that as a HoS my word will be like an order and I was slighty scaried that I might end somebody's fun too early.

Answer two or more of the following:

What advice would you give to other sec players?

Starting your sec career as an assistant is a good way to start it. You don't have instant access to lot of stuff(weapons, direct leading of the situation/scene/crime), however you will learn some stuff that officers leave to assistants(taking care of desk, changing criminal status, fighting crime with tickets).
For already experienced officers, keep up the good work, play as you were playing so far. If you do something wrong, it's okay, maybe you forgot something or was too rushy, everyone makes mistakes. Learn from them.

What was one of your favorite security moments? (Either playing as a sec officer or interacting with one)

Can't answer it in a different way than showing this: https://streamable.com/32saff

What game improvements or changes do you think would benefit security players?

I was thinking about ten-codes, but as I said game is too dynamic.
I saw a document on persistent notice board with "colored alarms", saying yellow is arrest on sight, orange is arrest on sight but be careful etc. I think this is something that would be interesting addition. Adding a note in criminal file of a person with alert color, saying it on the radio or other way. Security would know what to expect. Even if they don't know what certain color means, colors itself can tell you something, from green to red, from light criminal to murderer. This is not a code-based change, just a knowledge based thing.

What I also thought about is a "security database", something like the medical one that DisturbHerb did(https://wiki.ss13.co/User:DisturbHerb/Medical_Database). Criminals would be noted there and their criminal history would be visible there. It wouldn't had any effect in-game, criminals would go for "highest amount of crimes" or "most active criminal this week" if they wanted. Security members would fill that database. However, cons of that idea is: will anyone even want to fill these? Once or twice sure, but I think later this idea would be forgotten. It either takes away your in-game time cuz you need to fill in new crime information or it takes your out-of-game free personal time to do that. So I'm not sure about that idea and for sure before starting it, I'll ask other security members about that idea.

Describe any differences in your playstyle when part of a full security team and when being the only security officer.

As alone security officer or with just one partner, I try to react to every crime reported possible. Sometimes giving a free hand or a quick talk/ticket to minor crimes if there's a possibility for a bigger one to appear. Usually on patrol, leaving security room alone, but these shifts usually have low amount of people, so I try to go where a lot of people gather and stay there a little longer before doing another circle around the station.

As one of a full security team, I'm checking if there are any assistants on the shift. Often trying to get one as a partner so they can learn something on action and asking if there's something they don't know or want to practice. Honestly, it only happened a few times, but even after breaks from the game, I still remember Dew Kelpo who I helped a lot when he was playing security assistant, then during one of my doctoring shifts, I saw him playing as an officer and from that moment I've seen him on officer mostly. Kinda feeling like I teached him the security stuff and he became ready for officer duty, just like me.
During investigations/actions, I'm filling the "support" role. Being the 2nd officer when needed, unless a lot of crime is happening, then I'm spreading to place where no officers went for investigation.

Answer one or more of the following fun questions (because it's important for the HoS to be fun):

Write a poem to convey your thoughts on security/NanoTrasen/space/bees/anything related to SS13.

Greetings crew.
Another shift is upon us. You know the drill. Usual unusual NT station shift.
Bees are gonna fly, plasma is going to burn, clowns are going to be loud.
I expect you to be professional. Professional in your own way.
Special paperwork? Be it. Slamming angry guy into the table? If he deserves more.
Clown makes a paper plane out of your ticket? Print more so he has more fun with it.
Someone will man the desk, someone will man a baton, someone will man that 80 years old whisky.
And my bets are on detective for that last one.
But remember the most important. Even if they do something evil, they are still NT employeers, unless proven syndicate.
Let them work, don't finish their free being too early.
Good luck, ladies and gentlemen.
And most importantly:
Stirstir learned some engineering yesterday. I saw him moving a table in the brig. So don't interfere in his learnings too much.

Well not a poem, just a speech.

What's a security gimmick that you've ran or wanted to run?

I remember once a clown kidnapped half of security. He teleported them to one of the rooms in space dinner he modified into a party room. The other half was investigating and looking for the clown, then negotiated with him. After some time everyone was rescued and happy with that happened.

Draw a picture!

Maybe after edit. I'm not that good at drawing, but for fun, sure.

Previous bans (while this will not affect your application lying about it will): None. I think. 99,9% sure.

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