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Why is there a Blond Guy in my podbay ?
I think we made the best podbay layout ever. Thanks to Viridis.

[Image: unknown.png?width=722&height=473]

Viridis suggested putting take landing strip Lights. They were even synchronized. And it looks so cool. I made that Warping inside was not authorized and decorated the rest. 
I truly love this layout, because it invites pilots to take off without the warp portal. And seeing a putt take of and land is pretty. 

Even for experience players; the debris field and a asteroid belt can quite dangerous. When they take of, there is a a chance they wont come back (or left the putt in space diner). There is something poetic to see them go instead of warping away.
And its always a pleasure to see pilots come back safe with some nice crate or new pods.

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