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NT Personnel Profile: Doctor Piffany Boudle
Light swirled in the dust, two shadows cast inside the laboratory hidden beneath the apartments, a little cyst buried from view.

"S..superb entrance! Th..theatric!" She laughed, "Immaculate! But I must insist you stand DOWN."

"You will forgive me my intrusion, doctor. But you are sitting in my chair." She said, moving clockwise as she tracked the other in the dark. Of course she'd have cut the lights. She would be able to see better in the dark.

"..of course you'd act brashly, fool girl. I had hoped it'd never come to this." A faint popping hiss of electricity was the only signal before the stun baton scrapped her side as she twisted out of the way, only slowing her slightly, hidden behind a surgical table.

"Because your pride won't let you accept change?" She responded as she slipped the firearm from her belt.

"" the voice came from the darkness, echoing around her ..a surgical cart kicked across the room colliding with her. The tools slicing across her and causing blood to mix with the oil splattering the floor. "I simply had no desire to humiliate you, knight." A swift lash and a wrench connected with her ribs.

"..I never thought you so devious. I thought you'd moved on. Forgotten. But it all starter to click into place. The lost hours. The missing funds. The bodies. The high grade cybetnetics..and then when they confirned my suspicions.."..
She made a movement, a gunflash illuminatimg the area. A few shells from the old clock falling with a clatter as she stood in the light again, only her eye visible in the gloom. "Dammit girl..don't flee another day! Stand your ground for ONCE."

"Fantastic vintage NanoTrasen toys! For once in our lives LISTEN. We're doing this for us! We can have it all!" A metalic hand grasped her, slamming her to a table. A whine of a saw over powered the room.

An arm was wrenched away..a saw flew acrosd the room..impeding in a computer
"I've no intent to share. I've no intent to live for another. I'm done letting my light be stolen. "

The shock baton hit her again. Then she sneered. "I knew you'd have logical tunnel vision. I knew you'd use the baton, and i KNEW you'd back yourself into a corner."

She shook with rage. "No..i..planned everything...I REFUSE TO LOSE "

The baton was stolen from a hand, and smashed at her.

"Dear Doctor. Whst makes you assume you ever had a choice." As the computer shorted the lights came on. The
And she turned from The two shadows she cast. The lab in ruins.

The lab she never needed.

A switch pulled. The power cut.

And then one left. To go back to life.

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