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A Letter to Mom and Dad
Dear Mom and Dad,

I received your package of Malasadas and Spam last week. The Malasadas were promptly heated up and then shared with those who wanted one, as I can’t eat all 84 you sent me! The Spam has been eaten whenever there’s rice from the local botanical department on station, and I have even been able to make some emulation of teriyaki to go with it. Slowly have been adjusting to space now. I’ve met some nice people up here who have been helping me get more confident with getting my space legs. I guess the description of space as a sea doesn’t hold up, else my sea legs would have helped me a lot up here. It’s no longer wobbly to walk and looking out a window doesn’t make me fall to the ground anymore, sure I was like that back on our first long distance voyages. Sadly not everyone has treated me like that, more than once I had to call the local security force to deal with some troublemakers or insulting people. When I first was assigned to the Space Stations, I though getting given a shotgun was dumb, now I understand why I have it.

Probably the most interesting thing up here is the amount of people who seemingly have lost all hope or interest in their surroundings. Explosions that rock the station from the local mining contingent (who are very heavy spenders at Trade Winds) seem to just be shrugged off. Regarding Trade Winds, I’m making a new menu to switch things up, make sure to send me some local stuff that I can use. The people out here eat up the tropical theming. I’ve started making progress on the money needed to buy back my ship. At the current rate, it’d be at least 7-9 years before I amassed enough to do so. It doesn’t help that I get paid in credits, although I was approached by a group of people willing to exchange credits for United States Dollars. I hope the Island is doing well, and that your all protected from the wildfires which seem to be growing worse and that the house hasn’t flooded from the sea. I’m trying to keep up, but it takes a while for news to travel back here. Could you send me a copy of Hawaii Tribune in your next letter? If possible, please also send some Macadamia nuts and whatever else can keep well. I love you guys, and hope to get home soon or to see if I can go back for my 24th birthday.


(It seems this part was torn off on accident. Huh.)

P.S Tell Mallow and Harper to stop teasing me about that “Strapping Swimmer” I met fishing once. I can hear them giggling from here.

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