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Efrem, Goonstation 1, 11/06/2021, 11-12am (GMT)
Admin: Efrem

Server: Goonstation 1

Date + time: 11-12am GMT

Note: I was very hesitant about posting this as I dislike drama and didn't want to be harassed by anyone as a result of this but I decided I needed to do the right thing and write this post. I don't want to cause any problems, I just want to make our community as good as it can be.

Synopsis: I had late joined the round as a medical doctor, not much was happening and I was just walking around medbay when suddenly I was admin kill commanded and respawned which decapitated my head, I had to get some of my gear back but no biggie. I adminwho'd a couple times over the space of a minute or two, just checking which admin was doing things out of curiousity, I had no idea admins could even see me doing this. My name was changed to ""#1 Adminwhoer" and I suddenly collapse on the floor and start dying due to a large amount of mercury which had appeared in my system and die shortly after with no respawn. I ahelp and ask what is going on to which Efrem admits to mercury poisoning me because I had adminwho'd after they killed me the first time. I was then cloned by Mr Green, not respawned by Efrem.

On it's own, it's a little concerning behaviour for an admin but what really made me uncomfortable was the attitude they displayed when confronted about it which you can see for yourself in the logs below. It is especially worrying considering this is the only admin to have ever banned me while playing SS13 as well, which really makes it look like they simply don't like me and are using their admin privilages to abuse me.


HELP: You: Pretty sure an Efrem randomly killed and respawned me in medbay, then when I was checking adminwho to see who was messing with me they changed my name to "#1 Adminwhoer" and then killed me again but without respawning me. So, what's this about exactly?

Efrem: didn't kill you. i did put mercury in you and change your name though, mostly because i saw you adminwhoing a bunch 

Efrem: i guess if the mercury killed you then i did kill you. would you like a respawn?

Me: Why though?

Efrem: oh wait. i did do the other one. and because you KEEP DOING IT 

Me: Is adminwho bad in some way?

Efrem: why do you feel compelled to do it more than once in a 2 minute period? it's just annoying. i relayed my annoyance. you're alive. feel free to yell at me to put you back to normal 

After that point I stopped replying as I wasn't going to be talked to like that and treated like a toy for his amusement, so I came here to write this post. I don't know if he was intoxicated or something but I'm very well aware that this was not a one-off case and many other players have been victim to this kind of behaviour from Efrem, some have written posts here about it, so here's mine.

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