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Complaint Admin that plays ms. Licorise (or however its spelt)
As an antag that round, I was playing slow, and I will admit that the round was getting boring. Licorice was having fun, and without her the round would have been a drag. At one point, she sold me a phazer, without knowing I was antag. However, despite nothing going on but a little bit of fun, the captain, who I assume is you, called the shuttle at the 30 minute mark because "Alot of people have AA, they can recall it", then you guarded the recall computer with security. If anything this was more greify then anything Licorice did, as you called the shuttle early for no reason, and made it impossible to recall. I did try to go in and recall it, with stimulants and a wrestling belt, but you, security, and everyone in there wouldn't let me. This includes Licorice. From the moment she realized I was a dangerous antag, she stopped "having fun" and started playing how your supposed to play in these situations. Infact, at one point I was beating you, the captain to death, and she ran in and forced me to back off. Nothing Licorice did that round was griefy, or with bad intentions. She was just playing as a greytider, which is a fun way to play this game.

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RE: Admin that plays ms. Licorise (or however its spelt) - by Froggit_Dogget - 02-19-2021, 05:01 PM

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