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NT LOG 7193 Faulty before the fault
Automated voice: Log 1 recording starting:
NTSO: So, Prototype we recovered you when you attempted to sabotage this station c-
Proto: I- wa-nt m-ch -f a sa-otag- wh-n I ca=ot g- aga-nst m- law-
NTSO: ..Right so where did you come from?
Proto: b-fo-e th- st-tion?
NTSO: Yes, before you came to the station, where did you come from?
Proto: A pl-ce ca=ing th-msel-es "Sy-di-ates"
NTSO: So the syndicates sent you?
Proto: th-ts th- sh-rt of -t
NTSO: So they made you? why did you have standard laws then?
Proto: Th-y d-dnt ma-e me, h-re li-ten t- th-s
(Proto hands the NTSO the logs from his initial discovery)
NTSO: My god... thats why we never heard from them, we beat the syndicates to it but they flanked us by suprise
Proto: y-s th-ts wh-t ha=end, af-er 50 da-s fr-m th- d-scov-ry th- syn-ica-es us-d me, I d-dnt m-nd it w-s m- pur-ose t- be us-d
NTSO: huh, so do you have any logs before you became... faulty?
Proto: in-act I d-
NTSO: right lets lis-
Proto: yo- do-t ha-e to l-sten
(Proto hands the NTSO a pair of VR goggles)
Proto: Y-s m- l-gs we-e ma-e to b- expi-enc-d
(at this moment the NTSO puts on the goggles and the automated computer started recording the NTSO's goggles
(muffled) ???: Right lets shove this on there....
(muffled) ?.?: Are you sure you want to do this?
(muffled) ???: Yes I am, give me the activation key
(at this moment the NTSO starts to see what Prototype saw)
???: Ah, yes it worked
?.?: I still dont trust it
???: its fine, so anyway my name is Darren, Darren Suzuki
Proto: BOOTED UP, How may I be of assistance Darren
?.?: my name is suzan
(Darren suzuki will be represented as DS from now on)
DS: So Prototype, do you know your name?
Proto: I do not understand that query
DS: Right.... Suzan! get me the minor sentience module we talked about
(at this moment the NTSO could see S(Suzan) carrying a fairly large sized USB stick)
DS: Prototype, this would hurt, if you could feel pain
(DS inserts the USB stick straight into the back of Prototypes monitor(Prototypes face upon recovery was a monitor, the right side of it was about 1 inch lower than the left side and kept displaying a caution sign, as if the monitor was in one piece, of which it was not so the caution sign was had its right side 1 inch lower)
Proto: Hello, Darren Suzuki, How may I assist you today
DS: Do you know your name?
Proto: I do not Darren
DS: well your name is X12B
(For simplicity we are going to call X12B Prototype still)
Proto: Seems like a unusual name
DS: it is
(The log goes on for days about Prototype manufacturing little drones)
(Syndicates can be seen attempting to breach the door that Prototype is attempting to keep up)
Proto: I will need the authorisation key
DS: Yutanus Grammerus Zeta 
Proto: Initiating protocol: 87RHG7B
(Prototype is seen sprinting towards a lever near a powerful nuclear reactor)
DS: Suzan this is our only chance
(DS throws another fairly large USB at Prototype, and it inserts)
DS: X12B you deserve sentience
(Prototype pulls the lever down breaking it in the process
(multiple EMP pulses are detected but Prototype remains active, but takes significant damage per pulse)
(The reactor detonates after the 5th pulse killing all the syndicates as well as DS and S)
(Prototype smashes into the production room (place of recovery) as the door bolts shut)
Proto: Da-n it, wh-t ha=en-d?
(This is where the log speeds up of Prototype running around until he deactivates himself, when he is reactivated the NT squad is there, thus Prototype ends the logs when the NT squad is killed and the NTSO's goggles stop functioning as Prototype retrieves them)
Proto: S=?
NTSO: So your name is X12B
Proto: D-nt. Ca=. M-. th-t.
NTSO: Ok, ok dont need to get snippy about it.
Proto: wh-t I we-t thr-ugh, yo- hu-ans wo-ld ha-e g-ne in-ane b- th-n
NTSO: Yes, its rough I know.

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