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Quite a few sprites
I recently got like 500 or so games from in a bundle for 5 bucks, and some of those so called games were actually sprite packs and whatnot, and while i don't know if any of them will be useful, because of different artwork types or just the item or thing not existing, i did still feel like i should post them here, there's roughly 38k files in there, and i don't know if all of them are sprites but id assume at least 30k of them are sprites so yeah, and that's definitely not all the sprite packs on the thing, so if i find more ill add them.

Edit, its gonna take a while for all the files to upload, so ill have to do it tomorrow, and ill edit the post again with the guugle drive link

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Quite a few sprites - by Boxta - 06-10-2020, 07:59 PM

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