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[Feature]: Security Pouch And Powercell Changes
Replaces the security starter kit box with a Security Pouch that spawns in your pocket. Sec officers and the HoS get one. They work exactly the same way that the pouches nukeops get, they sit in your pocket and hold small objects, they have six slots and can hold small stuff, like flashes, cuffs and donuts. It comes packaged with a whistle, flash, two pairs of cuffs and two 100PU powercells.

Instead of getting one medium powercell(one that has 200PU), officers/the HoS gets two 100PU cells. I think this is more fun, as instead of just upgrading your taser to 200PU at roundstart and sorta forgetting about it, you have to focus more on reloading your taser and be more charge-conscious when playing. It gives players the same total amount of energy that they get now, but they have to actively utilize it and make time to reload during fights instead of having it as a passive taser upgrade. (The pouch itself should also help encourage this, as it's a much more available place for it than in a box in a bag). The extra storage for the jobs that are the Most Pressed For Storage is also nice and I think compensates for the cell nicely.

Also, lowers the powercell that the basic batons get to only have 100PU, but halves the cost of using batons. This is so you can't cheat the above paragraph by loading your taser with a baton cell!! And doesn't impact batons in a negative way (you still get the same number of baton whacks in as you normally would).

Compare link:

.dmi   storage.dmi (Size: 370 bytes / Downloads: 1) with sprite to be added to icons/obj/storage

EDIT: Made the pouch have three powercells instead of two. You get more shots total, but have to more actively use them.

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