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Minor Accidental armlessness after errant limb replacement.
Seems that if you accidentally use a left arm for a right arm stump, it actually replaces your left arm, and vice versa. To replicate:

  1. Remove your right arm with self-surgery. Scalpel, saw, scalpel at relevant limb, you know; bug also appears if you scalpel saw and let it fall off. The person who gave the ahelp reporting this did the old stand-rest trick,  I could replicate it with the pick-up shortcut, morphine, .
  2. Attach a left cyborg arm to the right arm stump. If you examine yourself, your right arm will still be missing, and your left arm will be the robot arm.  
  3. Attempt to staple it. Fail. 
  4. Watch the robot arm also fall off. You'll notice now have the left robot arm and right fleshy arm on the floor. There's no fleshy left arm.

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Accidental armlessness after errant limb replacement. - by Studenterhue - 03-20-2020, 04:34 PM

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