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Roleplaying FAQ
Hello and welcome to the roleplaying FAQ thread. In this thread, you can ask us questions about roleplay and it's ruleset that might not be obvious through the rules page or is otherwise convoluted due to in-game mechanics. We'll do our best to answer you and will also add it to this post. You can ask questiosn by asking them here, PMing me either on Discord or the forums.

Q: Is changeling hivemind chat considered as roleplay chat, are you required to roleplay in it?
A: Yes, changeling hivemind chat is considered to be a roleplaying chat/area. You are not required to stay in it though if you don't wish to.

Q: Is the afterlife bar considered a roleplaying area?
A: No, afterlife bar is not considered to be a roleplaying area. It's OOC and the information that you've learned there may not be used during the round if you are bought back to life through any means. Same rule goes for ghost chat. Meanwhile any information that you acquired -before- your death is retained but it is still advised to integrate some parts of "amnesia" or anything else that might fit. 

Q: How am I supposed to roleplay knowing about Sol and other lore related things?
A: Your character is free to retain information learned about Sol and other lore through the rounds. You don't have to start as a blank slate everytime but you should adjust the reasoning for your character and behind their motivation. Why do they want to figure out the answers so badly? Just curiosity? Personal gain? Maybe they had a random unnamed relative who they lost to one of the numerous incidents? Only your imagination is the limitation here. We only ask that if you meet someone who is clearly not as experienced as yourself in these things, do your best not to spoil them the amazing surprises that you got to experience yourself.

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