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[Bugfix] change var name for Byond 512.1453 compatibility
This issue arose when compiling the source with byond 512.1453. Some people seem to have this issue, might just be better to merge this var name change into goonstation-2016 than having people keep coming on discord asking what the deal is with this. 

Copied from the PR:
The variable "var/obj/item/roboupgrade/UP" used several times in this file sometimes causes problems where the compiler reads it as a number instead of as text(and variable names can't start with numbers in byond) in the newest byond release, 512.1453
Best I can figure, this is an encoding issue with the machine trying to build (because not everyone gets this error), but changing the name will fix it just as well
This is just a simple find and replace in the file, changing all instances of a variable named "UP" to "upgrade".

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[Bugfix] change var name for Byond 512.1453 compatibility - by kyle2143 - 10-16-2018, 12:16 AM

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