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Mentor Application: A4Brogan
Usual Character Name: Greg Kleiner or Sam Loafman
BYOND Username: A4Brogan
Recommended by (if applicable): N/A
Times Available: Unemployed, so just bug me on steam if need be.

Reason for Application + Game Experience (300 word minimum):
I have been with goonstation I think for about 4 years, after discovering that the coders and admins of /tg/station actively pursue a clique-like social structure and spread rumors about the “unwanted” junior coders having possession of child pornography. After confronting these man-children, they openly admitted this, which let to me cutting all ties to that codebase.

I then became a test-server-only admin for the /vg/codebase, Until I learned that they had ties to the coders here. Worried that the gooncoders would think /vg/ and /tg/ were the same quality, I started playing here as a self-described “Liason”, and when the head coder had questions, I was the messenger.
Well, that was the plan, until the playerbase welcomed me. Four years later, I have become a goon and my life has improved from all the social interaction. Thanks guys, now I will pay it back by teaching the newbies like I have been, Only through the actual method instead of in game!

Experience: I have been around for a long time now, so I have a few specialties; I excel in the chemical+medical areas, figuring out how to rapidly produce multiple high-grade meds (Synthflesh, Atropine and its ilk), and have made some rather powerful mixes to bring deep crits back on their feet. My favorite feat was discovering an IV bag mix that can potentially bring a near-death patient back to full health after nearly losing all blood.

I am decent as an engineer and have made some stable, yet low-producing engine setups for Destiny. I also am decent in 
Botany. Mining is also a personal favorite, but only if there is only two miners; I usually ride off to the mining outpost so I can work alone

However, there is one area I admit that I am terrible with: Combat. Unless I have access to certain stun weapons or hellish burning syringes, I will probably be a deadman.

Previous Bans (While this will not affect your application lying about it will):

First one I remember was when I was still a denizen of /tg/. I think it was Mushroom station and poo was still around. Cannot remember specifics, but it was trolling.

Another time was either a catastrophic canbomb going off as non-antag, or something involving robotic laws, I cannot remember that one either. I might have some notes about being a whiny buttpipe at times, but that's all I can think of.
Approved, even if you posted it in the wrong channel.
While I'm positive you know enough about the game and are willing to help people, your constant misuse of the help commands among a few other things makes this a No from me.
From what I've seen Greg Kleiner/Sam Loafman is a pretty cool and helpful dude.

I'd say yes.
I approve
100% YES
I'm going to say yes on this one
HydroFloric Nods in approval.
Having considered it, I'd have to say no for now.  There's a long-standing issue of you not really knowing when it's appropriate to adminhelp or mentorhelp something, making requests for things in ahelp that you really should not be requesting, and a lot of instances of you being mildly annoyed or inconvenienced by someone and then ahelping asking if you can beat them up or kill them.  While you've been getting better about it over time, it still happens often enough that I'm going to deny this application for now and ask that you reapply after a little while.

e: To be clear, you asking if it's okay to beat up/kill someone before doing so isn't really a bad thing, it's that you seem to ask about doing this a lot, and over very minor stuff. Like someone using stable mutagen on you, someone making a lot of medibots, or someone shaving your hair off.

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