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The 30 Day Rule Explained
Hello chums!  You all know that permabans have a required 30 day cooling off period before they can be appealed, but the reason why hasn't really been spoken to that much.  I'm here to helpfully shed a little light on this so y'all can understand that it benefits us all.  Here are the main points:

- Having a 30 day cooling off period lets the player who did the dreadful take some time to cool off from the heat of the moment and approach their appeal with logic instead of emotion
- Having a 30 day cooling off period lets the admin involved make their judgments from a place of perspective and context, and VASTLY reduces the chance of a knee-jerk 'oh screw THAT guy' response.
- And admittedly, having a 30 day cooling off period means that no matter how good you are at writing appeals, there *is* a consequence for being a REAL turd.

Note that not all permabans require the 30 day period! If your ban reason says 'Please post an appeal on the forums so we can talk this out' or something similar, the 30 day waiting period does not apply.  Those are generally used when we're pretty sure you did something crappy, but you left so we can't talk it out.  We toss the ban on there as sort of a 'yo we need to Talk' stickynote so we don't have to try to remember to ask xXxSeXxYsEpHiRoTh42069GOKUxXx about that thing they did that one time in that round with the thing.

Note that if you don't wait the 30 days before posting an appeal, you may have the 30 day timer reset! SO DON'T DO THAT MAYBE

If your issue is with the admin's behavior, then please, post in the admin complaints forum.  We won't scream at you.  We're not perfect and sometimes we need a 'stop fuckin' up' chat just like y'all! If your admin complaint thread appears to be going well, feel absolutely free to mention your ban and ask if it can be appealed.  If we agree that the admin did a dreadful, then you'll most likely be STRONGLY ENCOURAGED to appeal.

Thank you my lovely friends~

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