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Mentor app redux [crumplehat]
Usual Character Name: Kira Taggart
BYOND Username: Crumplehat
Recommended by (if applicable): A bunch of people who seemed surprised I wasn't one already for some reason. I think Damian Garneys is one of them.
Times Available: Most evenings, I tend to spend the last 3-4 hours of my day on this game when I don't have anything more important to be doing. Sometimes I come on earlier, in which case I might end up spending p.much half the day on it.

Reason for Application + Game Experience (300 word minimum): I guess I figure that if I'm going to spend most of my time being a bossy snob telling people how to do their jobs, I should do it in a more official capacity. I've been playing this game a pretty long time, so I know a lot of the ins and outs by now, except in the places where things change regularly. Specialties include Mining, Engineering, Wire Structure, Robotics, AI Laws, a minor in Space Law, a lot of time clocked as the Chef (but again, that's been changing regularly recently), I've gotten somewhat competent at DWAINE by now, and I'm half-competent at Chemistry. I can't do Telesci, but in most other areas I can at least offer some minor insight. Mining in particular I know like the back of my hand, with the exception of extraction rigs which I have only very rarely used. I was around for the introduction of Ore as a thing and have versed myself thoroughly on ways to prevent myself from meeting an untimely explosive grave. If I can help a few more prospective miners learn how to actually do their job safely, spectacular. Same goes for Engineering. All too often does the singularity seem to get released due to ignorance of proper safety protocols, or the random yahoo who thinks they can manage to activate it manually and then proceeds to fail spectacularly.

Generally when I end up dead and someone's wondering about how to do something, I like to try to give them some advice for their next attempt, occasionally inserting a "fucking" or a "stupid thing to do" here and there, as in the case of the previously mentioned disaster. I can easily refrain from doing so for the sake of this responsibility, though.

I mean, I don't see what I could tell anyone that isn't already thoroughly explained in the wiki in one place or another, but if people aren't going to read that, I may as well tell them what it says to save them the trip.

Your opinion of Shrek (5 word minimum):
I liked Puss in Boots better. I dunno.

Previous Bans (While this will not affect your application lying about it will):
I have a shoddy memory so there may have been others, but I only remember these two. If there was another one it was a long time ago and it may have even been in error, but I can't remember.
First Ban: Job ban from Cyborg. I panicked in a syndicate raid and dragged a naked syndie out into space. It was a kneejerk and stupid reaction since he wasn't dying at the time and thus wasn't actually a threat, but for some reason I did it and it was stupid. I appealed it and the syndie in question accepted my apology, and it was repealed.
Second Ban: This will hang over my head forever, I will never forget this one. I got overly-excited once at the end of a round, and said something to the extent of BOOYEAH, followed by a stupid thing I should have never said and worst of all should never have tried to spell phonetically, because maybe if I'd spelled it right the wordfilter would have smacked my stupid face for trying to type it at all, because I was dumb and stupid for using it. The admin gibbed me, offered me one last quick save chance to explain myself, which I immediately proceeded to also botch in the most fantastic way possible. I forget the length of this ban because I didn't bother to appeal it because I knew I deserved it, but it wasn't permanent. I think it was originally 3 days but after I returned from waiting that out I found out it had been extended to a week? Again, it was deserved. The reason was that I had been around long enough to know better, and that they were disappointed in me, and dear god if that isn't the most miserable thing to hear from an Admin.
Anyway, at the time I didn't know bans were supposed to mirror to both servers (I don't make a habit of getting banned), so when I found out the ban had been extended (mind you, at the end of the original time period), I spent the rest of the time on the other Gibbed server keeping my head down and just keeping to myself, out of shame. I know now that you're actually not supposed to do that! It didn't come up at the time, though, and I didn't find out until it was brought up by in the case of another person who had come to the other server immediately after a ban, long after this one had passed. But if it's any consolation, I still haven't stopped kicking myself over that mistake and it's safe to say I will never, ever make it again. I made Dadmin disappointed in me and that is an unforgivable crime I will carry with me forever.

Copied/pasted from before.
Crumplehat is a great player, so yes from me.
Again, Kira is a great player, super robust, and always a pleasure to be around. Yes from me.
Kira has been around a long time, very smart and I would see how she would be very helpful to other players, yes.
Hey, you know I understand this is a Mentor application. However, crumplehat has been playing for a very long time, so let's just cut through the red tape, and make crumple an HoS too.
I've gotten stuck in with Kira a couple of times and I could always rely on her to know what to do, how to do it, and how to communicate that it was done. I'd take lessons from her any time.
There's always a certain player that you remember for all the wrong reasons, like "that dude always takes my damn ID" or "I've never seen that dude help out another, selfish ass", and while it is totally metagaming to act on those thoughts, it's understandable if you have a cautious mindset around him/her

Kira taggert must be on a different time zone than me (Irish time zone) because I rarely get to see her (?) play, but I've never had those thoughts, I've worked with her as the HoP plenty of times and it's always been smooth sailing.
With that in mind, I would agree with FrontlineAcrobat4 that she should try her hand at HoS too, I see people throwing around the word "robust" around alot and personally I don't think being robust makes someone a great HoS (you can be robust and an ass too), but I would definitely place my trust in kira.
Once again; yes. A million times yes.
I'm Damian Garneys and i approve this mentor
Yes again
Piling on, but yes!

If only to share the barest secrets of how to create wireart. Too many electricians run about the station not knowing their true, eldritch purpose.
As a mentor who occasionally logs in only to be killed by decompressed Arrivals, I give this my yes
Have put this through, also put in HoS ability for you just in case you fancied it!

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