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Glu furro, THE RD
Glu furro

Age: 32, By January 11th will be 33

Usual occupation: Research director

Glu is good at: Making lethal chemicals, Doctoring, Making healing chemicals, Making high power weaponry, And making alcoholic drinks.

Glu is bad at: Handling anger, Making businesses, Handling depression, And writing huge papers so HoP can give him basic access.

Glu lore!
Glu furro was born on 2021 January eleventh,  At a ranch in Ohio Munroe falls (THIS IS NOT WHERE I LIVE, I JUST CHOSE A REMOTE CITY IN OHIO DUMBASSES). His Father is Lark Furro, a MOTH And his mother is Liz Furro, a LIZARD. At age 9 our favorite furro became interested in basic chemical science, But he couldn't get any of the stuff he needed for chemicals. At age 20 he became a bomber, Exploding a secret government base. 2 years later he was found to be the person who bombed it, Being arrested for 1 year. His parents being concerned for him sent him to a facility for the mentally insane and disabled, 3 years later he went to a mere detention facility, 3 years after that they recommend to send glu furro to the station, For a year he was just a post-shift janitor, 1 year later he tried scientist, inevitably failing.  so he tried becoming a doctor, and that went well for him, with him soon becoming a medical director and an expert in surgery.  Being able to do what he needs without even getting anesthesia. 11 months later he became interested in chemistry again, and he spent a lot of his time at the medical chemical dispensers 1 month of doing that later he decided to become a scientist, and 6 months later of doing chemistry he became an RD. After a few months of being RD, he learned telescience and artifact science. After doing the solarium ritual he retired back to chemistry science, And that's where glu furro lore ENDS.

Things you may know about glu: He enjoys group events, He likes being a member of authority, And he is a chemical FANATIC!

Things you may not know about glu: He likes writing podcasts, His favorite weapon is a slamshot, and he LIKES some of security, despite your thoughts that he hates all of it.

His greatest achievement is performing the solarium ritual.

Times cloned : too many times

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