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Feedback Lord Diggle; Rodney on Goon RP Overflow at 9/5/2020 8:30AM EST
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Alternatively titled The Reign of Lord Diggle: Adventures of the Crew on NSS Clarion

Admin: Rodney

Server: Goon RP Overflow

Date + time: ~8:30 AM EST, Sept. 5, 2020

Synopsis: I late spawned in as the chef for this round; it admittedly started a little slow since it wasn't at peak playing times and was on the RP overflow server. I tried to get some interesting RP going for myself by doing some kind of cliche chef things like setting a menu and offering food deliveries because no one had come by to that point. By about minute 30 into the round, we didn't have anything suspicious going on. Until a strange space pig (or hogg vorbis) appeared outside the kitchen window on Clarion, with some guards in NT-SO uniforms and a couple of wendigos as escorts. I had no idea what this was about and largely watched and hung back. 

Then it escalated and the pig decided it wanted to be the king, and he was going to depose of the Captain. The three people dressed in NT-SO uniforms and the pig, who proclaimed himself Lord King Mr. Diggle, barricaded themselves in the Bridge, right down the hall from the kitchen. Diggle spoke, of how NanoTrasen only owned measly stations and he owned entire galaxies. He used the announcement system to verbally smite NanoTrasen, while promising the benefits of freedom, and entire planets for each crewmember that joined his cause, promoting the AI to oversee these many planets. Payroll was suspended. Diggle grew not only in power, but also just grew, like really, really big. He took up the entire Bridge by the time he met his unfortunate end...

A rebellion began brewing. It was a little difficult for me resist joining to when the botanist who attempted to assassinate Diggle was apprehended in front of me in the bar. The fight against Diggle came right to my door, in the guise of a scientist with a zip gun that had my name on it. I went to get my genes looked at, and when I walked past the Bridge to return to the kitchen, the botanist sat, handcuffed in a chair, interrogated and looking right at Lord King Mr. Diggle the glass space pig himself. She was offered her freedom and forgiveness if she joined Diggle, and join she did. She also grew in power, and just grew, and some of the officers also grew a little bigger.

At some point a little after, Diggle went outside his Bridge, and the remaining rebels with the zip guns knew they had a chance. I managed to get two shots into Diggle only after someone else tried--as he was being arrested for attempted murder. I ran away for 10 seconds to hide, and when I came back, Diggle was no more than a giant hamsteak, rotating and being dragged back into the Bridge. His guards promised he would be resurrected, and as they mourned the lost Lord King Mr. Diggle, the rebels watched outside, skeptical. And then Diggle re-appeared! I wavered and proclaimed my faith in Lord King Mr. Diggle; I was in awe, and knew we had lost our chance to depose of the hogg. Any chance for rebellion looked bleak.

Until a little later, Central Command sent in the Warrior-King Johnny NanoTrasen. And he was just as big as Lord King Mr. Diggle, equipped with a color-changing cyalume saber, crown, and cape. He was chased through the halls, again by the kitchen and Diggle, as I tried to feed the Lord King a cookie. Now that I was in the league of Diggle, I followed his order to attack Johnny NanoTrasen and defend his reign; I followed timidly behind the two guards who were shooting Johnny with tasers, and managed to find the hallway to Cargo covered in ice. I slipped around a little but saw that Johnny had also slipped and dropped his precious color-changing cyalume saber. I picked that up, of course. While this all went down towards the south of the station, at the north, it appears the rebels were hard at work defeating their false king Diggle. I returned to hear them yelling about a giant hamsteak, and when I got to the kitchen, I was greeted by the brain of my former ruler. Distraught, I hesitantly made what remained of Diggle into a burger, which was swiftly eaten by one of the crew in the engineering department in front of Diggle's former guards. Johnny NanoTrasen declared his sovereignty, and the shift ended shortly after. Once aboard the shuttle, one of the former Diggle loyalists asked if I had turned Diggle into a burger. I digressed at first, but then, knowing that Diggle was truly gone and NT reigned supreme, I admitted to it. That officer declared his everlasting loyalty to Diggle before emerging from the Command part of the shuttle in one last stand for his dead King. I remembered that cyalume saber I had, and tried to put it to good use. We headed back to CentComm for NT to "reclaim our genelines" as Johnny said. smile

TLDR: Really fun round! One of the best I've ever had and I appreciate tremendously that Rodney stuck around that late/early (?) and did something special for the overflow server during lowpop hours! I hope we can preserve the legacy of the tremendous battle between Lord Diggle and Johnny NanoTrasen that occurred this fateful shift on the NSS Clarion, and perhaps our hero Johnny NanoTrasen will rise again when his crew are in their hour of greatest need...

Extra information: Pali gave some of us who reported back after the round in Discord the suggestion to come here and share! Someone said it was their favorite round ever (and it might be mine). I hope this thread serves as a way for anyone who was in that round to highlight a rather unique experience and the interesting RP we got going because of Rodney's efforts, both in the initial creation of Diggle, and then actually playing as our hero Johnny NanoTrasen when we needed someone to put an end to Diggle's power. It felt super balanced between the antics of Diggle and his rise to power; and then knowing that resurrecting Diggle was a big deal, Rodney came into the round as Johnny NanoTrasen, a hero to save us all. This was a great job of using admintools to help open up more doors for interactions and a narrative arc, and something I'd love to be a part of again in the future.

Image attached to this post is originally from Kamades#3443 / Raphael Zahel in the Discord, so all credit to him for preserving what little he could of our great Lord King Mr. Diggle.

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