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Sulborkbork banned by studenterhue
Who banned you?: studenterhue
Byond Key: Sulborkbork
Date of Ban: 3/24/20
Specified Reason for Ban: : Beat a random person in Arrivals to red health. Logged off before this issue could be handled.
Ban Length: permanant 
What led to the ban? I am a new player, not totally sure of what im playing but I came back to play this afternoon after my first few rounds in the morning, and found I had been banned.  
Why am I appealing? / Why should I be unbanned: Was a new player but now recognize the role play aspect and  want to further play. 
Which rule did you break? Griefing
Evasion Attempts: I closed the game without recognizing the impact on the rest of the round, I wasnt trying to hide, just being negligent.
Could you elaborate more on why you want to/should be unbanned and what led to the ban? This isn't necessarily preventing you from being unbanned; rather, I want some clarification on what was going through your mind when you were attacking someone in Arrivals and want you to understand why what you did was wrong. Granted, you are virtually brand-new, so if you had positively no idea what you were doing, that's fine, but do try your best.

I believe it was my second round, where I still didnt understand what the game actually was: I was looking for free games on forums and downloaded byond without researching it at all. I found a crowbar on the ground, and wanted to see if I could kill someone as I had seen blood all over the floor earlier. I hit the guy multiple times and then continued to explore the station, logging off before the end of the round because I had to leave my computer.

Just the two rounds were fun though, and when I came back later in the day to play again I had been banned. I super respect the role playing aspect of the game, and although Im not as into it as others, its still fun and I want to continue to play more considerately to the rules.
Good enough for me. You should be unbanned now. Please keep the griefing rules in mind; we have a special clause protecting people who are in Arrivals.
Actually--one thing: what's with the login from sulborkbork, which was marked as an evasion attempt?
that was me yeah
Okay, I'm finding this odd because the ban was made for the "Eddiesulborski" account, but you're appealing for "surborkbork". Our system logged "surborkbork" as an alt of "eddiesulborksi" and thus flagged it as an evasion and banned it too.
Yeah im a bit of a retard, sorry.

I accidentally named the wrong account in my claim.
Hey, really not a good idea to use the r-slur in your appeals thread. Why don't you look over the rules again?
On advice on other admins, I'm going ahead with just unbanning both accounts. As per Warcrimes's advice, please look over the rules again. We'd rather not have people throwing "retarded" around, even if they're applying it to themselves.

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