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Minor Mining ore scoop doesn't work/very odd behavior
Very odd behavior:
If you mine through asteroids and uncover ore, walking over a tile with ores with a loaded ore scoop won't pick up any of the ore.

If you pick up a piece of ore and then drop it somewhere, it will be possible to pick it up with the ore scoop.
Additionally, if there are other ore on the same tile as a once-picked-up ore, they will also be possible to pick up with the ore scoop.

Mine through an asteroid and have 4 pieces of iron ore on a tile.
Walking over them with an ore scoop won't pick any up.
Picking up one of the iron ores and throwing it somewhere else will allow it to be picked up with the ore scoop by walking over it, however the 3 remaining ore still won't be.
Picking up another of the iron ores and then dropping them at the same spot as the other ores will make all of them possible to pick up by walking over the tile with the ore scoop.
I don't think that this is a bug. At least I never considered it to be. It's sort of just something that all miners do in order to mine anything with the mining satchel.
this was a bug and it was fixed.

there were some optimization changes and the way mining out asteroids worked caused the 'are there things to scoop on this tile' check to get bypassed. asteroids in general should hopefully be very slightly less buggy as a result. maybe.

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