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    Thread: Wizards on RP?
Post: RE: Wizards on RP?

Yeah I like the idea of leveling up to get access to the more powerful spells. About the "resting" part, I think it would have to be something other than just sleeping or staying still just to prevent...
BotchKing RP Discussion 14 518 09-17-2022, 04:37 AM
    Thread: Wizards on RP?
Post: RE: Wizards on RP?

Decarcassor, this post is mostly about what wizards could be on RP, not what they do currently on main. Yes I know they are griefy and violent right now, this is why we're discussing spell ideas for R...
BotchKing RP Discussion 14 518 09-16-2022, 08:17 AM
    Thread: Wizards on RP?
Post: RE: Wizards on RP?

that would be funny haha. Also a good way to prevent spell spamming Here's another idea: The wizard has to collect magical beans across the station to increase his power. The different departmen...
BotchKing RP Discussion 14 518 09-15-2022, 11:30 AM
    Thread: some thoughts on addiction
Post: RE: some thoughts on addiction

I had this idea too but more for common but annoying addictions like alcohol. Its bad when one beer can make you an alcoholic for 20 minutes. One chem that is used sometimes in real life is disulfira...
BotchKing Ideas & Suggestions 10 355 09-15-2022, 08:38 AM
    Thread: Wizards on RP?
Post: RE: Wizards on RP?

I threw out the idea of adding objectives to distract wizards from going all out on destruction. The objectives wouldn't be ignored on RP if they had mechanical advantages like ressource gaining. ...
BotchKing RP Discussion 14 518 09-14-2022, 11:19 PM
  Question Thread: Wizards on RP?
Post: Wizards on RP?

A lot of people have been discussing this recently and we usually find a common theme: Wizards on RP could be really cool but their current loadout is not appropriate for it. I share this opinio...
BotchKing RP Discussion 14 518 09-14-2022, 03:48 PM
    Thread: Ideas of questionable quality
Post: RE: Ideas of questionable quality

An infusion-based rose mutation for botany: Injects people their chemicals through thorns when picked up without gloves.
BotchKing Ideas & Suggestions 3,332 1,188,847 08-12-2022, 10:30 AM
    Thread: HoS Application 2: Selena James
Post: RE: HoS Application 2: Selena James

+1 I believe Selena is one of the person I know can get the job done no matter what, even under pressure. As such I've never seen any overly agressive behavior from them. I think they have enough e...
BotchKing Denied Applications 4 584 04-10-2022, 03:38 PM
    Thread: Mentor Application - Lawrence Whemair/WHZ (thatsmamaluigitoyoumario)
Post: RE: Mentor Application - Lawrence Whemair/WHZ (tha...

yes, a very fun and good person to have around. Lawrence influenced my security playstyle a lot. +1
BotchKing Approved Applications 15 1,547 03-24-2022, 03:48 PM
    Thread: Head of Security Application, Wander (Roger Clementine)
Post: RE: Head of Security Application, Wander (Roger Cl...

I've had a few rounds now with Roger, both as sec and as antagonist and I'm impressed by their work so far. He is effective at handling calls and reasonable with antagonists. He also spends time train...
BotchKing Approved Applications 21 2,876 02-28-2022, 08:19 AM
    Thread: ILoveMyBonk HoS Application (Happy Kaos / Baiken Yamamoto)
Post: RE: ILoveMyBonk HoS Application (Happy Kaos / Baik...

I have played only one thing with you, I think, but it stood out to me so I'll be writing something, with constructive criticism in mind. To give a bit of context, that round I was a captain. I start...
BotchKing Denied Applications 6 1,033 12-13-2021, 07:29 AM
    Thread: Mentor Application - bigjigs (Jason Powers)
Post: RE: Mentor Application - bigjigs (Jason Powers)

Good presence on discord, fun to see in-game and knowledgeable about the game. +1 from me
BotchKing Approved Applications 5 834 12-07-2021, 05:55 AM
    Thread: HoS Application - Blahowsky
Post: RE: HoS Application - Blahowsky

+1 from me. One of the good officers out there. They know what they're doing. I believe that, with a trial by fire they would do great as a HoS.
BotchKing Approved Applications 15 3,746 06-24-2021, 08:08 PM
    Thread: HoS Application - Raymondh (Elijah Ulery)
Post: RE: HoS Application - Raymondh (Elijah Ulery)

Elijah is a good officer, always on comms and trustworthy. I would trust them to be a good HoS +1
BotchKing Approved Applications 9 1,781 06-24-2021, 08:07 PM
    Thread: HoS Application
Post: RE: HoS Application

Yes, +1 for me too. Storm is a great officer, always reliable and one of the coolest heads in security. I think they would fit well in the role
BotchKing Approved Applications 11 2,191 06-24-2021, 08:06 PM
    Thread: Mentor App - Zonespace/Robert Smith
Post: RE: Mentor App - Zonespace/Robert Smith

+1 From me, they are very knowledgeable about the game, and have a good attitude toward sharing that knowledge. I've seen them take time off their antag round to check on newer people, which is impre...
BotchKing Approved Applications 13 2,397 06-09-2021, 09:21 AM
    Thread: Thrax hos app
Post: RE: Thrax hos app

I have played some sec rounds with you and I have a few reservations about this. I think there are things you could improve both IC and OOC to make a good HOS. First, I have concerns about how you ...
BotchKing Denied Applications 17 3,483 05-23-2021, 09:57 PM
    Thread: Post ITT and I will give you an avatar
Post: RE: Post ITT and I will give you an avatar

Hello, I need something too Frank Edit: Their majesty
BotchKing General Discussion 1,571 442,156 05-19-2021, 08:22 AM
    Thread: HoS application - Bartimeus973
Post: RE: HoS application - Bartimeus973

Well well, just after I wrote my HOS recommendation for you in your mentor app, I see you posted your application. A full +1 from me, Viridis is always one of the most active officer on a team, an...
BotchKing Denied Applications 22 4,837 05-17-2021, 12:34 PM
    Thread: Mentor Application - Bartimeus973 (2nd application)
Post: RE: Mentor Application - Bartimeus973 (2nd applica...

Bartimeus is a very good player overall, knows a lot about the game and seems always willing to take time and teach other players. They're also very pleasant IC and OOC, so it's a +1 for me. Also,...
BotchKing Approved Applications 16 3,517 05-17-2021, 10:25 AM
    Thread: HoS Application (Gerald Bostock)
Post: RE: HoS Application (Gerald Bostock)

nefarious6th Wrote: (03-28-2021, 09:21 AM) -- Indifferent, since I've had a lot of interactions with you in the past as a normal Sec Off and you're good and the only thing here that could use work is...
BotchKing Approved Applications 10 1,978 03-28-2021, 04:56 PM
    Thread: HoS Application (Gerald Bostock)
Post: HoS Application (Gerald Bostock)

Usual character name: Gerald Bossstock BYOND username: BotchKing Discord username (if you are on our discord): Gerald Bossstock/Brick Recommended by (if applicable): None Goon servers you pl...
BotchKing Approved Applications 10 1,978 03-19-2021, 06:38 PM
    Thread: Artorius HOS APPLICATION 2
Post: RE: Artorius HOS APPLICATION 2

Artorius would be a great HOS in my opinion. I've seen him confortably take the lead of sec many times because of how much he cares about others in his team. He's reliable on comms and frequently chec...
BotchKing Approved Applications 12 2,433 03-18-2021, 09:22 PM
    Thread: HoS application - Maegor (Igor Bones)
Post: RE: HoS application - Maegor (Igor Bones)

I've now had a few rounds with Igor, most of them with him as an officer and one or two times with them as HoS. I really enjoyed the times I had him as HoS, he did everything by the book and was very ...
BotchKing Approved Applications 7 1,654 03-03-2021, 06:46 PM
    Thread: Hos application (Alice Sarkovich)
Post: RE: Hos application (Alice Sarkovich)

I think Alice's strongest suit is seeking feedback and how she always tries to improve. Sadly most of the time, I can't really help with that because she's already a great officer. She gets on top of ...
BotchKing Denied Applications 7 1,768 02-24-2021, 10:08 AM