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    Thread: HoP Application: Cassidy Celestial/Zombaholic
Post: RE: HoP Application: Cassidy Celestial/Zombaholic

I love there HoP work, they always stay in HoP office and hand out new ids and do id changes +1 from me. On a more serious note I have seem them play security like once, likely a timezone differenc...
Typhol Applications 4 310 11-13-2021, 04:22 AM
    Thread: Typhol's (Sol Vader) HoS Application
Post: Typhol's (Sol Vader) HoS Application

Usual character name: Sol Vader (Recently)(Previously used to change character names a lot) BYOND username: Typhol Discord username (if you are on our discord): Typhol#6914 Recommended by (if appli...
Typhol Denied Applications 1 186 10-13-2021, 06:21 AM
    Thread: Endaru hos application
Post: RE: Endaru hos application

Hey it's nice to see you apply. So I have had quite a few experiences with Endaru on the security team especially recently. Overall I think they are a decent officer and are generally fun to play with...
Typhol Denied Applications 11 686 10-13-2021, 04:56 AM
    Thread: Angel (Hauntmachine) Mentor Application
Post: RE: Angel (Hauntmachine) Mentor Application

Yes Angel is very nice and helpful I'm on my phone so not gonna write much but I've played a few rounds with her and she's good. Also nice on discord. +1
Typhol Approved Applications 19 1,125 10-13-2021, 04:08 AM
    Thread: Slugo (Sleko Espher) - Mentor Application
Post: RE: Slugo (Sleko Espher) - Mentor Application

This is a definite permanent everlasting yes. This guy is very helpful and seems to know the game and its code very well. I'm not good at writing long specific answer but: +1
Typhol Approved Applications 9 393 10-13-2021, 04:04 AM
    Thread: Bartimeus973 - HoS app (2)
Post: RE: Bartimeus973 - HoS app (2)

Bartimeus is a great security officer, and yes like a lot of people I thought they were already HoS. Anyways I just had an experience with them a couple of days ago where I was an Antagonist and Barti...
Typhol Approved Applications 18 1,415 10-07-2021, 04:05 PM
    Thread: Typhol banned by tterc
Post: Typhol banned by tterc (continued)

This is not me bumping my thread, this is just a more elaborate version of what I wrote since I am on my pc now and have access to everything. (Please read this instead of my initial post.) Who ban...
Typhol Ban Appeals 3 515 08-06-2021, 07:29 PM
    Thread: Typhol banned by tterc
Post: Typhol banned by tterc

Who banned you?: - tterc Byond Key: - Typhol Discord Username: - Typhol#6914 Date of Ban: - saturday 7 august  Specified Reason for Ban: - not on my pc right now but I remember.  It said don't ...
Typhol Ban Appeals 3 515 08-06-2021, 10:34 AM