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    Thread: MarkNstein's thoughts on character-creation and antag-behaviour in SS13
Post: RE: MarkNstein's thoughts on character-creation an...

Ah this reminded me one time I rolled spy thief doc. Someone has lend me a "hand" for katana. When I give "medicine" to patients, did some necessary surgery then medical director decided to fire me. ...
According_tome RP Discussion 16 964 11-15-2022, 04:45 AM
  Heart Thread: Dwarf Fortress is Coming To Steam Soon
Post: Dwarf Fortress is Coming To Steam Soon

I dont know how can I leave keyboard controls behind heh. Im so excited. :bear:
According_tome General Discussion 0 221 10-20-2022, 08:36 AM
    Thread: farewell bombini
Post: RE: farewell bombini

You are a legendary hero. You bravely put an end to bonbini. It was inevitable.
According_tome General Discussion 26 1,810 10-18-2022, 09:51 AM
    Thread: character-based job rolling?
Post: RE: character-based job rolling?

Perhaps allowing the creation of entirely different character for an antagonist roll can fix the metagame issue.
According_tome Ideas & Suggestions 22 646 10-06-2022, 06:44 AM
    Thread: [CLOSED PR] Add several food synthesizer options for an emagged Brocop cyborg
Post: RE: [PR] Add several food synthesizer options for ...

I love the idea, borgs should have funny tools indeed
According_tome Ideas & Suggestions 6 270 10-06-2022, 06:39 AM
    Thread: Nerfing SR: a Discussion
Post: RE: Nerfing SR: a Discussion

I find sr exciting and it allows fun experiments. If a puritan wants to be not revived because of their character or whatever they can say it on ooc to not be revived and at classic it doesnt really m...
According_tome Ideas & Suggestions 36 1,217 09-20-2022, 09:11 AM
    Thread: Let's talk Engineers
Post: RE: Let's talk Engineers

My issue with engineering is mainly construction. Reqires minimum 20 minutes of investment for something simple. If you want to build a simple thing lets say 5x5 room from scratch. You need a 12.25 sh...
According_tome General Discussion 3 429 09-16-2022, 05:37 AM
    Thread: Brainstorming Reducing Silicon Slavery [Warning: Potentially Upsetting Topic!]
Post: RE: Brainstorming Reducing Silicon Slavery [Warnin...

Even if you are a borg you are still a player and if someone is rude to you or act like you are slave you should just ahelp it imo. My suggestion to fix this problem would be indication like my first ...
According_tome Ideas & Suggestions 24 1,575 09-16-2022, 01:05 AM
    Thread: Leah mentor application
Post: RE: Leah mentor application

Leah is a good person, very good player, kind and helpful. Has high imagination and solid botany knowledge. Teached me lots of stuff i couldn't figure out myself. +1
According_tome Applications 39 2,317 09-14-2022, 04:33 AM
    Thread: Client side Profanity Filter
Post: RE: Client side Profanity Filter

I believe this can be achieved with a simple regex like this /c+*+*+t+|s+*+*+t+/gi checks letters one by one and if one letter is used multiple times it gets replaced in same way. vuglarLanguage.repla...
According_tome Ideas & Suggestions 15 991 08-14-2022, 02:46 AM
    Thread: Allow traitors to buy riot gloves (or something similar)a
Post: RE: Allow traitors to buy riot gloves (or somethin...

I think riot gloves should come with csaber, think about how cool it would look! True "Jedi" Way. Alright, in all seriousness this is very needed change since it is not even funny that you can disarm ...
According_tome Ideas & Suggestions 2 329 08-03-2022, 12:20 PM
    Thread: [MERGED PR] makes pressing the security alert/crisis alert give a chatbox notice, ...
Post: RE: [PR] makes pressing the security alert/crisis ...

I don't like the idea. I think this alert will give validhunters a thumbs up and say "Alright some officer requests help go bash the antag(or maybe petty crimer) with a fire extinguisher". I think thi...
According_tome Ideas & Suggestions 11 1,105 07-29-2022, 10:18 AM
    Thread: [PR] Nucular Fishin' Engine
Post: RE: [PR] Nuclear Fission Engine

Maegor Wrote: (07-21-2022, 01:32 PM) -- According_tome Wrote: (07-21-2022, 10:51 AM) -- Maybe an upgraded version of potasion iodide is needed to avoid this issue. So when advanced radiation sicknes...
According_tome Ideas & Suggestions 45 4,080 07-21-2022, 02:00 PM
    Thread: [PR] Nucular Fishin' Engine
Post: RE: [PR] Nuclear Fission Engine

Maybe an upgraded version of potasion iodide is needed to avoid this issue. So when advanced radiation sickness happens you can use the advanced chem to fix the issue quickly, with other some drawback...
According_tome Ideas & Suggestions 45 4,080 07-21-2022, 10:51 AM
    Thread: What is your favorite job and why?
Post: RE: What is your favorite job and why?

CE I enjoy making megalo, crafting stuff on matsci and building improvised deathtraps.
According_tome General Discussion 23 3,142 07-21-2022, 10:22 AM
    Thread: Sec Officer & Sec Ass buddy program
Post: RE: Sec Officer & Sec Ass buddy program

This kind of program can help not only to security but all departments and It can make teaching easier. Losing tracks of workmate cause waste of time. Yes please.
According_tome Ideas & Suggestions 5 470 06-22-2022, 04:08 AM
    Thread: ChemiCompiler Infinite Loops
Post: RE: ChemiCompiler Infinite Loops

Exactly! It would be really nice for chemicompiler to have stop button as It can take too long to execute. So players can work on it without worrying about breaking it.
According_tome Ideas & Suggestions 1 202 06-02-2022, 11:20 PM
    Thread: Looking for Zombies (Dead or Alive)
Post: RE: Looking for Zombies (Dead or Alive)

Unless something has changed recently, you can find zombies at derbis field and mining zone
According_tome General Discussion 2 331 05-22-2022, 10:30 AM
    Thread: [MERGED PR] Scaling pipe leakage
Post: RE: [MERGED PR] Scaling pipe leakage

It has been more than two weeks since I played as an engineer but I can say even then It was a problem to deal with pipe bursts. This pr adds realism to engineering however, engineers now need to spen...
According_tome Good ideas! 52 5,173 05-22-2022, 07:18 AM
    Thread: Handling Erebite
Post: RE: Handling Erebite

You can make custom pick from bohrum or something better at mining fabricator to get high mining power so you can dig quickly. That increase your chances while dealing with erebite. Maybe a bohrum pic...
According_tome General Discussion 7 680 05-22-2022, 12:21 AM
    Thread: Game Mode Vote
Post: Game Mode Vote

Lately I have been thinking about vote based gamemode selection and according to this link,similar idea was brought up before by Techanture at:
According_tome Ideas & Suggestions 3 405 05-09-2022, 01:46 PM
    Thread: Town Hall Information and Questions Thread
Post: RE: Town Hall Information and Questions Thread

Question 1: What do you think about the current state of rules in roleplaying server and do you want to change them in future ? Question 2: What do you think about engineering department as whole and...
According_tome General Discussion 18 2,603 05-09-2022, 11:44 AM
    Thread: Paxton Kellogg Mentor Application
Post: Paxton Kellogg Mentor Application

Usual character name: Paxton Kellogg, PAX, P.A.X BYOND username: According Tome Discord username (if you are on our discord):According_tome (Paxton Kellogg) in server but true name is Oro Recommend...
According_tome Denied Applications 1 296 05-04-2022, 04:26 PM
    Thread: Security addition: Staff Assistant Jumpsuit/Radio printer for quick demotions.
Post: RE: Security addition: Staff Assistant Jumpsuit/Ra...

What about a demotion grenade that gives you new id, staffie suit and headset at the same time. 2 or 3 in armory, 1 in captain's locker and 1 in head of personnel's locker.
According_tome Ideas & Suggestions 22 2,335 02-08-2022, 04:10 PM
    Thread: Post ITT and I will give you an avatar
Post: RE: Post ITT and I will give you an avatar

Have you heard of the Elder Scrolls? Give it quickly! TRUST Septimus he KNOWS you can know. FRANK EDIT: Elder? Don't even know her
According_tome General Discussion 1,591 458,547 02-08-2022, 09:14 AM