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    Thread: What does the ideal round look like to you, and how do we make ss13 fun for everyone
Post: RE: What does the ideal round look like to you, an...

Marc Wrote: (12-26-2021, 01:12 PM) -- when i was new and learning everything i appreciated a good 1-hour round where i could explore genetics, mining, etc...  nowadays though i find myself more ...
Smil General Discussion 17 650 01-12-2022, 05:56 PM
    Thread: make securitrons puntable
Post: RE: make securitrons puntable

I would like to play securitronball, so I support this idea with all my heart
Smil Ideas & Suggestions 6 381 11-15-2021, 12:17 PM
    Thread: Mora Mentor Application
Post: RE: Mora Mentor Application

Mora Wrote: (10-28-2021, 03:07 PM) -- Usual character name: Mora Crime BYOND username: MrMora Discord username (if you are on our discord): Mora#6505 Recommended by (if applicable):  Goon servers...
Smil Denied Applications 8 671 11-15-2021, 08:27 AM