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    Thread: Retire manta from map rotation
Post: RE: Retire manta from map rotation

I'm not onboard with fully ditching Manta, it has great potential and a neat atmosphere. I think with a few dedicated mappers it could get fixed up and be much better!
Tiresoup Ideas & Suggestions 20 464 06-17-2021, 09:02 PM
    Thread: HoS App: Nefarious6th / Marcy Meyow
Post: RE: HoS App: Nefarious6th / Marcy Meyow

Yes. While It's not every day I see you, your application, behavior and the shifts I've seen of you give me confidence that you would do good with that whitelist. As Cal stated, you are well tempered,...
Tiresoup Applications 7 218 06-11-2021, 05:27 PM
    Thread: HoS Application - Blahowsky
Post: RE: HoS Application - Blahowsky

Application is well written, and you seem to understand sec well. Unfortunately I haven't seen you ingame enough to make a real impression, but play a few more rounds as secoff, and I will 100 percent...
Tiresoup Applications 7 407 06-09-2021, 05:20 PM
    Thread: Mutantraces Law Rework
Post: RE: Mutantraces Law Rework

I think that lawset is a bit overworded, maybe something like Kyle (Developer) said, where crew are put into classes of lifeforms, mutantraces and humans being one, lings and full form woofs being cat...
Tiresoup Ideas & Suggestions 43 1,116 06-09-2021, 05:12 PM
    Thread: Mentor App - Zonespace/Robert Smith
Post: RE: Mentor App - Zonespace/Robert Smith

I'm leaving a big ol' +1. You know what you're doing, and I haven't seen any "this is a bad look to goon" moments. Overall helpful and would be nice to see on the mentor team.
Tiresoup Applications 5 250 06-09-2021, 05:58 AM
    Thread: Mentor App: Nefarious6th
Post: RE: Mentor App: Nefarious6th

Always helpful, and a friendly member of the community. I'd love to have em be turned into a mouse and sent to the mentorhelp mines!
Tiresoup Applications 25 805 06-03-2021, 02:38 PM
    Thread: HoS Application Tanner Mirabel
Post: RE: HoS Application Tanner Mirabel

Tanner is solid, i've never had any bad experiences with them, would like to see you as sec more. +1 for now
Tiresoup Applications 4 324 06-01-2021, 02:41 PM
    Thread: Pali - Discord
Post: RE: Pali - Discord

Pali is consistently kind, and rarely loses their cool. They maintain utmost professionalism in the most difficult of scenarios, and aren't intimidating to talk to. As Cal said, Pali is dedicated and ...
Tiresoup Admin Feedback 14 707 05-28-2021, 03:45 PM
    Thread: Cogmap1 Remaster
Post: RE: Cogmap1 Remaster

Add the kitchen dispenser (see:donut 3) auto oxygenate chef's meat storage seperate toxins from the main station via airbridge (see:ozymandias) reinforce/expand cog1 armory, currently its lacking, ma...
Tiresoup Mapping 26 5,791 05-27-2021, 11:12 AM
    Thread: Post ITT and I will give you an avatar
Post: RE: Post ITT and I will give you an avatar

why the hell not? Studenterhuedit: you have invoked the HELL PIG
Tiresoup General Discussion 1,367 299,149 05-27-2021, 10:16 AM
    Thread: Pod Wars Feedback Thread
Post: RE: Pod Wars Feedback Thread

It was honestly lovely, the combat was intense, medical was great. However, it felt lengthy, 90 minutes might be a good time limit. ALSO, this may be an overall byond issue, but there was major perfor...
Tiresoup Ideas & Suggestions 65 1,554 05-25-2021, 06:17 PM
    Thread: Thrax hos app
Post: RE: Thrax hos app

I can't say I've seen you on the team enough to put anything major. I recommend that you play sec more, and as you mentioned do a bit of work on your sec behavior.
Tiresoup Applications 16 744 05-23-2021, 02:47 PM
    Thread: HoS App
Post: RE: HoS App

It isn't always the most often we get Neo Xzilon on the team, but when we do its damn good and I can trust Retrino has the knowhow to do the job right. easy +1
Tiresoup Applications 25 1,160 05-20-2021, 04:23 AM
    Thread: HoS application - Bartimeus973
Post: RE: HoS application - Bartimeus973

For sure. I play with Viridis all the time on goonrp as sec, never once regretting it. He nails many of my expectations of sec, being friendly, fair and looking the part. +1, needs more cat ears but a...
Tiresoup Applications 21 1,293 05-18-2021, 12:10 PM
    Thread: Porta sci program removal thread
Post: RE: Porta sci program removal thread

What if it was changed to be an entire pda cartridge, or the home turf was changed to somewhere else, Ie. a point in space?
Tiresoup Ideas & Suggestions 65 3,257 05-02-2021, 06:06 PM
    Thread: Mentor Application - Bartimeus973 (2nd application)
Post: RE: Mentor Application - Bartimeus973 (2nd applica...

Bartimeus seems to know his stuff, and possibly more importantly, is very level headed and friendly. On many occasions I have seen him helping players IC and OOC. +1, even if he doesnt like my cat ear...
Tiresoup Applications 16 1,242 04-29-2021, 06:07 PM
    Thread: Mentor Application
Post: RE: Mentor Application

(04-01-2021, 10:02 PM)Carbadox Wrote: I'm not really sure how I'd feel with you being a mentor. There's nothing specifically that I can really bring to mind but there have been a couple moments wher...
Tiresoup Denied Applications 3 334 04-02-2021, 11:20 AM
    Thread: Mentor Application
Post: Mentor Application

Usual character name: Casey Northey/Slithers-And-Slides (Z.A.P or Archimedes for AI) BYOND username: Tiresoup Discord username (if you are on discord): Tiresoup#0001 (my nitro will soon expire and my ...
Tiresoup Denied Applications 3 334 04-01-2021, 04:30 PM
    Thread: Mentor Application (Chases-his-Tail, SNOWcrash)
Post: RE: Mentor Application (Chases-his-Tail, SNOWcrash...

I've seen you around a fair bit, and I think you have the knowledge that it takes to get a stinky purple role. +1
Tiresoup Approved Applications 6 760 03-26-2021, 04:54 AM
    Thread: Artorius HOS APPLICATION 2
Post: RE: Artorius HOS APPLICATION 2

Artorius lights up the room to see around, and in a situation where even the most seasoned of officers would lose it, Artorius manages to somehow get even nicer. +2
Tiresoup Approved Applications 12 743 03-26-2021, 04:49 AM
    Thread: HoS Application For Teck
Post: RE: HoS Application For Teck

As much as i'd hate to do it, I'm gonna have to leave a -1 for now, I play Goonrp a lot, and I can't say I've seen you around. Put a few more hours in and maybe that'll change.
Tiresoup Denied Applications 7 645 03-26-2021, 04:47 AM
    Thread: HoS app: Mexicat / Cal Mooberly
Post: RE: HoS app: Mexicat / Cal Mooberly

Cal knows both what to do as security, and very well how to evade them. defenitely a +1
Tiresoup Approved Applications 27 2,086 03-23-2021, 09:42 AM
    Thread: HoS Application (Gerald Bostock)
Post: RE: HoS Application (Gerald Bostock)

Gerald is a lot of fun to be around both in character and out of character. They know what they're doing, and know when to let it go. They also have a very valuable skill as security; communication. L...
Tiresoup Approved Applications 10 684 03-19-2021, 06:52 PM