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    Thread: [PR] Removes numbers from health scanners on RP
Post: RE: [PR] Removes numbers from health scanners on R...

Not a huge fan of this change myself. I understand the thought that this change will make people roleplay more, but it also creates a lot of problems for doctors to do their jobs. Quick summary of my...
FishyCrea Ideas & Suggestions 38 1,027 03-19-2023, 02:33 AM
    Thread: A Meta-Friending/Clique Discussion.
Post: RE: A Meta-Friending/Clique Discussion.

I'm late to join the discussion but wanted to share some thoughts on this topic. It'll probably be long and a little wordy, but I'll do my best to try and organize my thoughts on this. I want to st...
FishyCrea RP Discussion 50 5,979 03-11-2023, 07:03 PM