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    Thread: EVIL Soulsteel traitor item
Post: RE: EVIL Soulsteel traitor item

i been wanting somthing like this for so long, i really like the "Living weapons" thing and gives ghost players something to do as well
Lucky.Cobra Ideas & Suggestions 6 739 06-13-2023, 05:35 AM
    Thread: HoS Application - Ava/Gideon Squire, yes its that time again
Post: RE: HoS Application - Ava/Gideon Squire, yes its t...

i trust nano a lot and every time we played they have been fun and listen to commands but also know when something may be unfair or just too much, they also are usually nice and funny when talking wit...
Lucky.Cobra Denied Applications 14 3,382 04-20-2023, 05:38 AM
    Thread: Franz Kraber - HoS Application
Post: RE: Franz Kraber - HoS Application

franz has been a good secoff all around and is fair and square to antags, he also leaves players do their gimmicks and is nice and polite to them so overall i think franz has the potential to be a hos...
Lucky.Cobra Approved Applications 5 1,126 04-19-2023, 07:39 PM
    Thread: [CLOSED PR] Accessory slot.
Post: RE: [PR] Accessory slot.

i love this idea a lot and i feel is something that would give a lot more options to clothing fashion and is subtle enough to work just fine imo
Lucky.Cobra Ideas & Suggestions 15 2,045 04-17-2023, 10:18 AM
    Thread: [CLOSED PR] Adds a new traitor item: The Visicar Armblade
Post: RE: [PR] Adds a new traitor item: The Visicar Armb...

YES MORE ANTAG ITEMS i am always on board for that and i do love the idea here
Lucky.Cobra Ideas & Suggestions 4 689 04-17-2023, 10:14 AM
    Thread: Duke Nukem becomes Mentor
Post: RE: Duke Nukem becomes Mentor

duke is prob one of the best engies i seen on goon and in other areas he still has a shit ton of experience wich he uses to teach new people when they ask him for help, i think duke is a perfect perso...
Lucky.Cobra Denied Applications 6 1,198 04-15-2023, 05:26 PM
    Thread: dennis' big smelly mentor application
Post: RE: dennis' big smelly mentor application

dennis has been around a while so they have the experience and they are usually quite nice and fun so i think he would be a good mentor +1
Lucky.Cobra Denied Applications 3 724 04-11-2023, 08:05 AM
    Thread: Chaplain Ideas: Puzzle Boxes, enchantments, and more.
Post: RE: Chaplain Ideas: Puzzle Boxes, enchantments, an...

chap is already pretty strong and valid hunt-ish giving him buffs like the spells would just make antags have a harder time against valid hunter chaps and a lot of antags already have a bad time with ...
Lucky.Cobra Ideas & Suggestions 3 503 04-05-2023, 05:27 PM
    Thread: [CLOSED PR] Replaces the baton in the "baton only" weapon vendor with a throwable ...
Post: RE: [PR] Replaces the baton in the "baton only" we...

i honestly love this idea and i feel it would be a nice challenge while still feeling rewarding and fun
Lucky.Cobra Ideas & Suggestions 16 2,394 04-02-2023, 07:01 PM
    Thread: Sergio/Gumbio Unserios HoS application
Post: RE: Sergio/Gumbio Unserios HoS application

sergio is an example of a good and fun secoff on goon, a really good player so this is a easy +1
Lucky.Cobra Approved Applications 9 2,232 01-30-2023, 11:29 AM
    Thread: S stands for Specimen! ( HoS App )
Post: RE: S stands for Specimen! ( HoS App )

The Specimen Wrote: (01-23-2023, 11:00 AM) -- Zamujasa Wrote: (01-23-2023, 10:23 AM) -- S stands for Still banned  :bee-sleep: [spoiler]this is an ongoing in-joke[/spoiler] -- I can't believe...
Lucky.Cobra Approved Applications 27 7,622 01-23-2023, 05:22 PM
    Thread: Rick Dias' real HoS app
Post: RE: Rick Dias' real HoS app

rick is a good dude and a competent secoff, havent been playing for a while but if he is just as i remember i think he is capable of handling a sec team so yea a +1
Lucky.Cobra Approved Applications 10 2,401 01-18-2023, 08:51 AM
    Thread: Mentor Application - Frebecca Frost
Post: RE: Mentor Application - Frebecca Frost

they teached me stuff before and are good at it, i think they would be a good mentor and see no reason that could make em a bad mentor in any way so i think they have potential +1
Lucky.Cobra Denied Applications 3 917 12-14-2022, 05:14 PM
    Thread: Mentor App?? Ezra Callison
Post: RE: Mentor App?? Ezra Callison

about time bush head, better make that afro purple however! +1
Lucky.Cobra Approved Applications 21 5,299 12-13-2022, 11:53 AM
    Thread: Stop sleeper stasis forcing unconsciousness
Post: RE: Stop sleeper stasis forcing unconsciousness

the port a med acts like a better port a brig cause of this lmao so yea is kinda dumb
Lucky.Cobra Ideas & Suggestions 14 2,321 12-08-2022, 07:37 AM
  Big Grin Thread: lovely chess event
Post: lovely chess event

i want to say thank ya all cause it was a great time and really enjoyed playing chess with friends and other people, even tho i had to leave fairly early it was a nice experience and really well execu...
Lucky.Cobra Admin Feedback 0 434 11-21-2022, 09:01 AM
    Thread: Mute Ghosts Button for Wraith
Post: RE: Mute Ghosts Button for Wraith

i agree with this, it can get anoying when people either salt non stop or start spamming on caps to call the wraith attention
Lucky.Cobra Ideas & Suggestions 3 623 11-16-2022, 11:10 AM
    Thread: [CLOSED PR] New antagonist : Brain slugs
Post: RE: [PR] New antagonist : Brain slugs

more new antags are always a joy
Lucky.Cobra Ideas & Suggestions 27 4,946 11-06-2022, 05:17 PM
    Thread: How do you mine erbite without blowing up?
Post: RE: How do you mine erbite without blowing up?

you need strong tools like a bohrum pickaxe
Lucky.Cobra General Discussion 4 931 10-12-2022, 05:00 PM
    Thread: New team based antagonist - Scrappers
Post: RE: New team based antagonist - Scrappers

sounds extremely cool and interesting, i love the idea of space raiders attacking the station
Lucky.Cobra Ideas & Suggestions 12 2,106 10-06-2022, 05:36 AM
    Thread: Antag Critters Roundstart
Post: RE: Antag Critters Roundstart

Kamikaze Mongoose Wrote: (10-02-2022, 08:15 AM) -- Baal brought up the idea of spawning as a cleanbot roundstart and I felt inspired. It would be an interesting idea if you could opt into being an an...
Lucky.Cobra Ideas & Suggestions 2 525 10-02-2022, 09:14 AM
    Thread: reduce pocket air tank o2 usage
Post: RE: reduce pocket air tank o2 usage

BatElite Wrote: (09-27-2022, 12:17 AM) -- What's the point of the small ones now that they're the same size class as the big tanks though -- i guess they fit on the belt? but yea their existence is ...
Lucky.Cobra Ideas & Suggestions 15 2,410 09-27-2022, 04:23 AM
    Thread: give lizards more customization options
Post: give lizards more customization options

been thinking about lizards having more customization like: a cobra hood, rattlesnake tail, bearded dragons spikes and stuff like that to give em more options since all they can do is just change thei...
Lucky.Cobra Ideas & Suggestions 7 1,206 09-26-2022, 02:16 PM
    Thread: Ideas of questionable quality
Post: RE: Ideas of questionable quality

BatElite Wrote: (09-23-2022, 11:13 AM) -- If you are in a fridge when the nuke detonates you should be unharmed, and the end of round text should list you as a survivor of the attack freezers shou...
Lucky.Cobra Ideas & Suggestions 4,104 1,945,386 09-23-2022, 01:20 PM
    Thread: Tone down farting
Post: RE: Tone down farting

DioChasek Wrote: (09-21-2022, 11:42 PM) -- Real pros alternate between horn honks,burps, farts, and bagpipes. -- pshhh no vuvuzela spam, amateur
Lucky.Cobra Ideas & Suggestions 37 6,298 09-22-2022, 05:35 AM