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    Thread: Chasu's mentor application.
Post: RE: Chasu's mentor application.

Just today they practically taught me from the ground up on how to set up a wayyy bigger singularity, and I only nearly accidentally killed them 3 times, which is a new personal record. Plus, I see ...
IncendiaryCrocs Approved Applications 12 1,465 12-06-2023, 02:43 PM
    Thread: Charles Fallare's HoS application
Post: RE: Charles Fallare's HoS application

I'm honestly amazed that Charles is not already a HoS. Really good, competent and fun character to work with and against. +1  :bee:
IncendiaryCrocs Denied Applications 24 2,414 12-01-2023, 03:16 PM
  Thumbs Up Thread: Dart Breaky's Mentor Application
Post: Dart Breaky's Mentor Application

Usual character name(s): Dart Breaky and Cole Sleighr on Goon #3, Ratt Ratchet on Goon #4 BYOND username: IncendiaryCrocs Discord username (if you are on our discord): IncendiaryCrocs#8544 Recommen...
IncendiaryCrocs Denied Applications 3 851 12-01-2023, 03:13 PM