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    Thread: Post ITT and I will give you an avatar
Post: RE: Post ITT and I will give you an avatar

gimme pic
ju45he General Discussion 1,716 675,558 05-21-2024, 12:09 PM
    Thread: Bureaurcacy Borg/Cargo Borg/Borg with more paper
Post: Bureaurcacy Borg/Cargo Borg/Borg with more paper

I want to make a borg module for handling all-things-paper. I already know I'm not going to follow-through on it, but in the event that I actually bring myself to make something, I don't want it to be...
ju45he Ideas & Suggestions 1 154 05-21-2024, 10:24 AM
    Thread: Guardbuddy discussion
Post: RE: Guardbuddy discussion

For 5, you can go to the space diner/sea diner and the bee merchant has kits for the buddies as well as a number of modules. For 4, blame the people. I've tried doing guardbuddy gimmicks countless t...
ju45he General Discussion 2 280 05-20-2024, 06:24 AM
    Thread: Suggestions pertaining to Cyborgs/Robotics
Post: RE: Suggestions pertaining to Cyborgs/Robotics

IMO, give brobocop a bannana projector Other stations have tried them out, and ultimately they're limited to only the clown module. They have a limited number of bannanas out at any point, produce...
ju45he Ideas & Suggestions 13 520 05-20-2024, 06:10 AM
    Thread: Hygiene trait/disease “ Germaphobia,Eczema”
Post: RE: Hygiene trait/disease “ Germaphobia,Eczema”

Applying antibiotics isn't going to make doctors think, it will just make them go to the pharmacy and make a few bottles of it. Giving diseases to dirty people isn't going to make people clean, it wi...
ju45he Ideas & Suggestions 4 249 05-13-2024, 08:19 AM
    Thread: [idea] record tool (camera , sound tape )Expantion module for AI
Post: RE: [idea] record tool (camera , sound tape )Expan...

Cool iea for taking pictures, can think of some gimmicks and such with it. Kinda bad reasoning, if security dosn't trust the AI then it's their job to check laws or get someone else to check laws, ...
ju45he Ideas & Suggestions 6 316 05-09-2024, 08:29 AM
    Thread: Voice Activated Bomb
Post: RE: Voice Activated Bomb

Mechcomp takes a bit more running around the station, and requires you to probably drag around a cart full of supplies. What if instead we had a voice-sensor like the other servers, so you could st...
ju45he Ideas & Suggestions 7 316 05-01-2024, 07:19 AM
    Thread: Discussion about sleep in RP
Post: RE: Discussion about sleep in RP

How about I unveil my idea, a "rest" meter that goes up slowly with sitting/laying down, goes up quickly from napping, and goes down depending on what physically intensive things you do. Functionally ...
ju45he General Discussion 6 479 04-30-2024, 06:18 AM
    Thread: Ideas of questionable quality
Post: RE: Ideas of questionable quality

Doop Wrote: (04-25-2024, 02:14 PM) -- rare chance for firefighting supplies closets to be replaced with "frightening supplies closets" filled with skulls and pumpkins -- rare chance for the frighte...
ju45he Ideas & Suggestions 4,216 2,049,822 04-26-2024, 05:48 AM
    Thread: change/remove emagging phones
Post: RE: change/remove emagging phones

Instead of emagging, it should be putting your own explosives into it, like pipebombs, grenades, and beakerbombs. Beakerbombs can get pretty good gimmicks, like being a clown putting harmless beakerb...
ju45he Ideas & Suggestions 15 922 04-17-2024, 06:22 AM
    Thread: [suggestion]Suicide bomb should able to make with another type of armor.
Post: RE: [suggestion]Suicide bomb should able to make w...

I wish the vest was manually activated, and was able to be concealed beneath a cape or trenchcoat or something. That way I could have fun knocking people out, dressing them up, and making a less-than-...
ju45he Ideas & Suggestions 7 374 04-11-2024, 10:44 AM
    Thread: More security busywork!!
Post: RE: More security busywork!!

More functionality to secmate, like adding security photos, printing forms, linking forms to a secmate profile, and maybe some way to get people to use the courtroom.
ju45he Ideas & Suggestions 15 842 03-20-2024, 07:30 AM
    Thread: Oxygen Fires
Post: RE: Oxygen Fires

Alright I just had a great idea, pure O2 rooms will basically be traps for anyone with a lighter or something, and if they turn on a lighter or welder or something in the room then it explodes into a ...
ju45he Ideas & Suggestions 7 650 11-17-2023, 07:22 AM