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    Thread: HoS Application- ThyOverlord (Overia Nomachy)
Post: RE: HoS Application- ThyOverlord (Overia Nomachy)

I think I have seen enough. I realize there is a majority of issues that I have yet to work through that make me...  more than unprepared for this role.  Thank you all for the praise and the critique,...
ThyOverlord Applications 10 622 01-25-2022, 01:36 AM
    Thread: HoS Application- ThyOverlord (Overia Nomachy)
Post: HoS Application- ThyOverlord (Overia Nomachy)

Usual character name: Overia Thy Nomachy BYOND username: ThyOverlord Discord username (if you are on our discord): ThyOverlord#0616 Recommended by (if applicable): Although I have been encouraged b...
ThyOverlord Applications 10 622 01-15-2022, 09:17 PM
    Thread: Post ITT and I will give you an avatar
Post: RE: Post ITT and I will give you an avatar

Do as you will and give me a face oh mighty avatar gods... FRANK EDIT: I assure you, we are very much mortal men, women, and everything in between and not
ThyOverlord General Discussion 1,458 364,123 12-06-2021, 09:13 AM
    Thread: O, Spacemas Tree 2021!
Post: RE: O, Spacemas Tree 2021! Lets hope this one doesnt break! Heres a little sprite of a martian, a lil way in my mind to appreciate the past and embrace the future. Expecially sense they are the p...
ThyOverlord General Discussion 25 1,684 12-06-2021, 09:09 AM
    Thread: HoS Application - Munien (Elijah Retluoc)
Post: RE: HoS Application - Munien (Elijah Retluoc)

Genuinely, I spend a lot of rounds with Munien; They have been around sec for most of the rounds I play, and I can say they are an extremely reliable security officer that I know I can rely on as much...
ThyOverlord Approved Applications 21 1,608 11-14-2021, 01:50 PM