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  Lightbulb Thread: Roles without Play (from Loafstation Archive)
Post: Roles without Play (from Loafstation Archive)

Roles without Play Stonepillar on October 10, 2022 It goes without saying that Space Station 13 and Goonstation hold a special place in my life. I’ve wasted thousands of hours, burnt (https://github....
Stonepillar RP Discussion 5 755 10-10-2022, 11:15 AM
    Thread: Leah mentor application
Post: RE: Leah mentor application

+1 Leah literally wrote a fucking game mode. Nuff said. But really, great person, knows the plays on both RP and Classic. Always a fun face to see, and just always willing to help people out. :bee...
Stonepillar Denied Applications 43 3,163 10-08-2022, 05:05 PM
    Thread: Nerfing SR: a Discussion
Post: RE: Nerfing SR: a Discussion

Make reviving puritans involve something with the Chaplain, that way their morgue would actually get used. More chaplain magics please. :worship: If you pick the trait, you get what you picked. Bette...
Stonepillar Ideas & Suggestions 36 1,306 09-19-2022, 04:01 AM
    Thread: [RULE CHANGE] Make overrides and precedence no longer apply to AI laws.
Post: RE: [RULE CHANGE] Make overrides and precedence no...

As a pretty regular AI player (and one of the more power-gaming ones), some thoughts: - Having clauses like 'this law takes precedence' being ignored is fine, and not inconsistent with how you have...
Stonepillar Ideas & Suggestions 66 7,002 06-23-2022, 04:11 AM
    Thread: Flushers, Mechanics & Disposals
Post: RE: Flushers, Mechanics & Disposals

Conchuckter Wrote: (05-07-2022, 04:48 PM) -- I definitely don't like the idea of the DPM dispensing unanchored pipes. -- After talking about it on Discord I now agree. It is no longer on the table
Stonepillar Ideas & Suggestions 3 446 05-07-2022, 05:13 PM
    Thread: Mentor application: Mab (Kato Mato)
Post: RE: Mentor application: Mab (Kato Mato)

Definitely a great person and always welcoming to new and old people alike when they have questions. Always great on Discord and in-game.
Stonepillar Approved Applications 16 2,457 05-07-2022, 02:47 PM
  Question Thread: Flushers, Mechanics & Disposals
Post: Flushers, Mechanics & Disposals

As some of you know, I have been working on slowly reworking a lot of the disposals system, fixing mountains of bugs and modernizing decade-old code. I have been making good progress, but there are ce...
Stonepillar Ideas & Suggestions 3 446 05-07-2022, 02:00 PM
    Thread: Nations RP Guidelines
Post: RE: Nations RP Guidelines

I really, really think the Shadow Cabal should be an actual thing. Like traitors in the UN council or something. They try to turn the balance of power in one way or the other. It was really fun being ...
Stonepillar RP Discussion 53 7,619 11-13-2021, 11:34 AM
    Thread: Monkey crate price should be increased
Post: RE: Monkey crate price should be increased

lock the crates to research department and increase price to 2k i say
Stonepillar Ideas & Suggestions 12 1,995 05-08-2021, 03:23 AM
    Thread: Goonstation Monthly Contest: March Edition
Post: RE: Goonstation Monthly Contest: March Edition

Chimper's Tonic 15 units stable mutagen 15 units blood of a random monkey on the station Yes, this does exactly what you expect. Chug quickly!
Stonepillar General Discussion 49 15,063 03-08-2021, 04:45 AM
    Thread: Froggit_Dogget (Klutz) Mentor application
Post: RE: Froggit_Dogget (Klutz) Mentor application

+1 Klutz was the person who introduced me to goon, and taught me enough to get going on my own. Without him I would've been clueless as to how to play. They're always a good source for information ...
Stonepillar Denied Applications 16 4,182 01-26-2021, 04:53 PM