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    Thread: Mentor Application - Waffleloffle (Jory Clements)
Post: RE: Mentor Application - Waffleloffle (Jory Clemen...

I absolutely stand by my recommendation!! Waffle is a great player and a great roleplayer, and will do a fantastic job continuing to help new players and teach current players new tricks with the Ment...
jan.antilles Applications 15 524 11-22-2021, 09:27 AM
    Thread: Mentor Application - Soldat/Soldat778
Post: RE: Mentor Application - Soldat/Soldat778

Soldat is a great player, and I've seen them go out of their way to be helpful to new people. They were also one of the first people to engage with me when I was a new player myself, and are one of th...
jan.antilles Approved Applications 5 471 11-04-2021, 12:15 PM
    Thread: Some things while in lobby
Post: RE: Some things while in lobby

Seeing the manifest with who is in what role before latejoining: I could definitely see this used for meta purposes, but I can't see many purposes other than that. "Oh I like it when X is HoS, I'll jo...
jan.antilles Ideas & Suggestions 12 261 11-03-2021, 11:58 AM
    Thread: Angel (Hauntmachine) Mentor Application
Post: RE: Angel (Hauntmachine) Mentor Application

Very friendly and helpful! I think they'd be a great mentor!
jan.antilles Approved Applications 19 1,125 10-19-2021, 03:34 PM
    Thread: Bartimeus973 - HoS app (2)
Post: RE: Bartimeus973 - HoS app (2)

I have played with Viridis a lot when he's Sec and have had great experiences. I think they'd do a great job!
jan.antilles Approved Applications 18 1,416 10-06-2021, 11:10 AM
    Thread: Mentor Application - Azrun
Post: RE: Mentor Application - Azrun

Yessss, finally! I've never had the chance to play with you in game (that I know of....), but you're always super friendly and helpful on Discord, and you have a lot of deep knowledge about some very ...
jan.antilles Approved Applications 11 492 10-04-2021, 08:31 AM
    Thread: Goonstation Spooktober Mini-Contest 1: May these scant few words written here
Post: RE: Goonstation Spooktober Mini-Contest 1: May the...

A little mouse squeaks audibly behind you! You turn to pick up the cute little mouse to put it in your pocket. That's funny, you don't remember mentor mice being that shade of pinkish red....
jan.antilles General Discussion 27 1,094 10-01-2021, 12:21 PM
    Thread: WE BACK

Forums are back yay!!!
jan.antilles General Discussion 29 1,141 09-27-2021, 08:29 AM
    Thread: Spooktober 2021 Suggestions Thread
Post: RE: Spooktober 2021 Suggestions Thread

Give more objects/items the chance to scream randomly, just like pizza dough has a random chance to scream when you roll it!
jan.antilles Ideas & Suggestions 56 3,653 09-10-2021, 11:22 PM
    Thread: Unpopular opinion? I'm not a fan of the 90 minute round on RP
Post: RE: Unpopular opinion? I'm not a fan of the 90 min...

The ETA time is still round time. The only thing that is different is that people know the shuttle is on the way. I never head to Escape as soon as the shuttle call happens, and honestly I don't know ...
jan.antilles Ideas & Suggestions 15 806 08-21-2021, 04:21 PM
    Thread: Mentor App - Zonespace/Robert Smith
Post: RE: Mentor App - Zonespace/Robert Smith

I've seen them around a good bit, and they are always friendly and helpful. They'd make a great mentor!
jan.antilles Approved Applications 13 1,348 08-11-2021, 07:59 PM
    Thread: Aftermath (Tye Graham's Story)
Post: RE: Aftermath (Tye Graham's Story)

Love reading this!! Can't wait to hear more updates! :)
jan.antilles RP Discussion 3 521 08-07-2021, 11:21 AM
    Thread: Job MacGuffins
Post: RE: Job MacGuffins

This sounds great!
jan.antilles Ideas & Suggestions 13 622 07-29-2021, 08:22 PM
    Thread: Powergaming & Validhunting
Post: RE: Powergaming & Validhunting

Aligote Wrote: (07-24-2021, 08:19 PM) -- ......Your right, the entire reason I was attracted to RP was only because of the longer running time and less dangerous nature of the servers. RP was the per...
jan.antilles RP Discussion 24 1,633 07-26-2021, 10:08 AM
    Thread: Custom Emote Hotkeys
Post: RE: Custom Emote Hotkeys

As someone who uses custom emotes constantly, even typing out things like Fleur DeLaCreme salutes! or Fleur DeLaCreme nods enthusiastically! I would be in favor of being able to set up a few commonly...
jan.antilles Ideas & Suggestions 3 203 07-24-2021, 05:46 PM
    Thread: DisturbHerb's (Rupert Wilde) HoS Application
Post: RE: DisturbHerb's (Rupert Wilde) HoS Application

All right, I've waited long enough to respond to this application. I know my feedback may mean less to some people because DisturbHerb is a good friend of mine, but I don't call people my good friend ...
jan.antilles Approved Applications 12 1,361 07-24-2021, 05:26 PM
    Thread: Sweet Loot Vol. 2
Post: RE: Sweet Loot Vol. 2

Anti-Gravity floor tiles and Heavy-Gravity floor tiles. One works like ice/lube, making you slip. The other makes you skid to a stop, or if you're sprinting, slows you to a walk speed. You make them b...
jan.antilles Ideas & Suggestions 16 1,738 07-24-2021, 04:04 PM
    Thread: Nullification Genes are not compatible with one another
Post: RE: Nullification Genes are not compatible with on...

This doesn't seem necessary. Anaerobic and Thermal Resist are already made through gene combinations/splicing. This change would be confusing and unintuitive, and I don't see a purpose for it other th...
jan.antilles Ideas & Suggestions 50 1,397 07-24-2021, 03:46 PM
    Thread: Atrazine (Weedkiller) minor change
Post: RE: Atrazine (Weedkiller) minor change

Thank you for posting this here! It made me giggle when you mentioned it in the Discord. I think this is a really fun change... it's a pun and it's an additional use to a niche chemical that Botany...
jan.antilles Good ideas! 8 520 07-09-2021, 02:16 PM
    Thread: Remove shower need from RP
Post: RE: Remove shower need from RP

I'd be happy with basically any change that reduces the amount of motive spam in chat, because having it cluttered up with "You stink!" "Someone around here smells like a butt!" "You drank something t...
jan.antilles Ideas & Suggestions 17 739 07-09-2021, 02:06 PM
    Thread: Add a prosthetics locker to medbay
Post: RE: Add a prosthetics locker to medbay

Medbay can also dispense bodies from the cloner and use those limbs! Recycling! But yeah, let Robotics and their fabricators keep making robot limbs, in my opinion. Replacing a limb isn't lifesavin...
jan.antilles Ideas & Suggestions 17 649 07-02-2021, 05:32 PM
    Thread: HoS App: Nefarious6th / Marcy Meyow
Post: RE: HoS App: Nefarious6th / Marcy Meyow

I've really avoided writing this, so first of all, I'm sorry that it's coming a bit late. Some of this is feedback I should have given on your Mentor application, but at the end of the day it wasn't n...
jan.antilles Denied Applications 13 1,454 07-02-2021, 12:41 PM
    Thread: HoS Application - Blahowsky
Post: RE: HoS Application - Blahowsky

Every time I've seen Bobby as Sec, regardless of whether I'm Sec/HoS myself or a regular crewmember, I've been impressed with their levelheaded and fairminded decisions. They engage with even the sill...
jan.antilles Approved Applications 15 2,337 06-26-2021, 10:01 PM
    Thread: Idea: Yeast
Post: RE: Idea: Yeast

A generic cheese culture could work! My intent was to come up with an alternate method for cheesemaking that opened up a bit more flavor. An item called Cheese Culture that just gets added to milk and...
jan.antilles Ideas & Suggestions 11 624 06-04-2021, 10:00 AM
    Thread: Idea: Yeast
Post: RE: Idea: Yeast

I like the idea of using the still! It can be used for something other than Every Discount Dan Product, heh.
jan.antilles Ideas & Suggestions 11 624 06-04-2021, 09:46 AM