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    Thread: Diabetes trait/gene
Post: RE: Diabetes trait/gene

I'd imagine if your body is constantly producing sugar, people could just ingest hydrogen, and water to creates easy Mannitol in their body. Probably can try and synthesize Saline Glucose, smoke powd...
Confuseddp Ideas & Suggestions 19 1,020 06-19-2022, 01:42 AM
    Thread: Cloning Accident Trait
Post: RE: Cloning Accident Trait

Combine this with Puritan, and we have a hard mode space man.
Confuseddp Ideas & Suggestions 4 342 06-19-2022, 01:38 AM
    Thread: A list of Rancher ideas
Post: RE: A list of Rancher ideas

Personally we need more help with unhappy/vomit chicken breeds. People spend the entire round for nothing. Also can we get a chicken breed for feeding it blob chunks.
Confuseddp Ideas & Suggestions 7 381 06-05-2022, 01:54 PM
    Thread: Dumping random events idea
Post: RE: Dumping random events idea

OCTOPUS A replacement for Spiders on Oshan for a more aquatic theme. Retains the 8 handed ability of spider, but has grappling like abilities.
Confuseddp Ideas & Suggestions 4 389 06-03-2022, 12:33 AM
    Thread: Disease Idea, "Actual Space Lag"
Post: RE: Disease Idea, "Actual Space Lag"

This disease will cause you to teleport back, and repeat actions. It also causes stuttering. It also has to create mosaic squares on the spaceman. This disease is also spread by contact so you can wa...
Confuseddp Ideas & Suggestions 8 513 06-03-2022, 12:31 AM
    Thread: [CLOSED PR] Cure For Kuru
Post: RE: [PR] Cure For Kuru

TDHooligan Wrote: (05-26-2022, 05:11 PM) -- i personally think a guaranteed lethal disease with cure (that isn't terrible RNG) is a much more interesting idea than 'the disease that makes you dead, g...
Confuseddp Ideas & Suggestions 18 718 05-27-2022, 01:44 AM
    Thread: Remove Kudzupeople or make some big changes
Post: RE: Remove Kudzupeople or make some big changes

Antagonistic? Kudzu people can't even harm intent people, it just says "They wail their arms angrily" when you try to punch.
Confuseddp Ideas & Suggestions 23 1,309 05-25-2022, 04:14 PM
    Thread: New Trait: Onomatopoeic
Post: RE: New Trait: Onomatopoeic

"Slurp" when drinking
Confuseddp Ideas & Suggestions 10 685 05-24-2022, 02:31 AM
    Thread: [MERGED PR] Restrict monkey vendor access
Post: RE: [PR] Restrict monkey vendor access

Scientist also use the monkey vendor to borg monkeys into bots.
Confuseddp Good ideas! 27 1,702 05-18-2022, 01:46 PM
    Thread: Ridable Flying Sword
Post: Ridable Flying Sword

They could be like a admin only spawn. They're like floating skateboards in the shape of a sword. However when it crashes into people it causes bleeding. It could count as contraband with how dangerou...
Confuseddp Ideas & Suggestions 4 338 05-17-2022, 06:35 PM
    Thread: Buff Laser Cybereyes
Post: RE: Buff Laser Cybereyes

You can buy the laser cyber eye from the faint signal trader. It's expensive though.
Confuseddp Ideas & Suggestions 8 472 05-17-2022, 06:15 PM
    Thread: [MERGED PR] Scaling pipe leakage
Post: RE: [PR] Scaling pipe leakage

Splints Wrote: (05-15-2022, 08:58 AM) -- As far as I know, the pipeburn is the only current way to get a million credits in one round. If I am reading things right, this seems like it might kill that...
Confuseddp Good ideas! 52 3,594 05-17-2022, 06:04 PM
    Thread: Can we make wizards unable to use batons yet
Post: RE: Can we make wizards unable to use batons yet

babayetu83 Wrote: (05-16-2022, 01:38 PM) -- i saw a pr request that prevented wizards from using tech weapons but i don't know if that ever got anywhere me personally i would like it if wizards c...
Confuseddp Ideas & Suggestions 14 865 05-17-2022, 05:58 PM
    Thread: Chef owning their own restaurant
Post: Chef owning their own restaurant

The chef being able to name their own Restaurant, hiring and training employees, making menus. They ultimately aim to be the next 5 star space restaurant, or opening millions of franchises. Do you ...
Confuseddp Ideas & Suggestions 4 343 05-13-2022, 07:45 PM
    Thread: Can Heated floor tiles be viable?
Post: Can Heated floor tiles be viable?

So we have already ice floor tiles, I was wondering why we don't have any floor tile mat that makes heat instead? Although whether not sure if having a floor tile that can heat chem puddles, or the at...
Confuseddp Ideas & Suggestions 2 210 05-11-2022, 10:00 PM
    Thread: Adding Cryptocoins to the stock computer.
Post: Adding Cryptocoins to the stock computer.

Now you too can buy the volatile Corgi coin!!! I was wondering why there were no crypto coin options for the stock computer...
Confuseddp Ideas & Suggestions 9 585 05-10-2022, 03:22 PM
    Thread: Vurdalak the Shrouded's goods should be restocked
Post: RE: Vurdalak the Shrouded's goods should be restoc...

I don't understand. We can already do this. You just buy out all of the artifacts, and make the trader leave via haggling. The next time they return, it's all restocked.
Confuseddp Ideas & Suggestions 16 873 05-08-2022, 04:09 PM
    Thread: Catchable critter event
Post: RE: Catchable critter event

Nihisohel Wrote: (04-27-2022, 12:54 AM) -- catch all the maintenance mice and roll that 1 percent chance for a shiny mentor mice -- Can I sell the mentor mouse? Or do I put mentor mouse into a disp...
Confuseddp Ideas & Suggestions 9 576 04-27-2022, 02:57 AM
    Thread: Catchable critter event
Post: Catchable critter event

I wanted to bounce some ideas since this was a suggestion forum. What if there was an event that spawned a critter that can be sold at qm for an expensive price. However the mob is pretty quick, but...
Confuseddp Ideas & Suggestions 9 576 04-26-2022, 06:13 PM