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    Thread: can i be HOS next round
Post: RE: can i be HOS next round

Gonna be a big fat neutral from me. Not seen them enough as secoff.
raymondh Denied Applications 33 3,906 11-12-2021, 06:35 PM
    Thread: Merlin1230 (Bourbon Bob) HoS app
Post: RE: Merlin1230 (Bourbon Bob) HoS app

I've noticed Bob a lot as captain and generally fun to be around. That said I don't see them as security often enough to have an opinion of them as a security player. I hope that changes when I have t...
raymondh Approved Applications 8 1,507 10-29-2021, 05:29 PM
    Thread: HoS App the sequel
Post: RE: HoS App the sequel

Well I haven't been playing much to make a full opinion, I have noticed they can keep calm in stressful situations which is something I like to see in security players applying for HoS. For not me hav...
raymondh Approved Applications 19 2,618 10-29-2021, 05:26 PM
    Thread: Head of Security Application for Slithers
Post: RE: Head of Security Application for Slithers

+1 Slithers is a consistently impressive security member whether they are security assistant or security officer. She understands what it means to play on RP as security when it comes to antags and...
raymondh Approved Applications 10 1,500 09-28-2021, 08:39 AM
    Thread: HoS Application - Raymondh (Elijah Ulery)
Post: HoS Application - Raymondh (Elijah Ulery)

Usual character name: Elijah Sean Ulery BYOND username: Raymondh Discord username (if you are on our discord):  I'd prefer not to post it in publics forums, it is however linked to my ckey. Recomme...
raymondh Approved Applications 9 1,781 06-22-2021, 08:26 AM