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    Thread: Share your emotional RP server stories here!
Post: RE: Share your emotional RP server stories here!

One of my early moments, that I will remember for an extremely long time, is the round where collaborative roleplay between 3 people reduced 3 people to bawling both in game and IRL. Dramatis Persona...
Kamades RP Discussion 3 599 04-14-2021, 02:32 PM
    Thread: Just Curious About Antag on RP
Post: RE: Just Curious About Antag on RP

Unless it's changed in the last little while: There's no Nukies, Wizards, Werewolves, or Blobs (Barring admemes) our lings use Capulettium Plus instead of Neurotoxin I don't really play main much\eve...
Kamades General Discussion 4 880 04-12-2021, 07:59 AM
    Thread: RP server 13th (ass day event?)
Post: RE: RP server 13th (ass day event?)

If something like this was put in, I'd just... not play on RP for those days, because stuff like blob, wizard, and nukies tend to rapidly devolve to "install bullet in spaceman until spaceman is dead"...
Kamades Ideas & Suggestions 15 1,099 01-18-2021, 03:08 PM
    Thread: Mentor Application - Kaneie
Post: RE: Mentor Application - Kaneie

DANGIT I don't check my discord for ONE DAY and I lose out on the ability to put my name down as a reccomendation for a promising mentor! HOW WILL I WIN THE MOST REFERRALS RACE OH WAIT THATS NOT A RE...
Kamades Approved Applications 12 1,350 01-18-2021, 10:47 AM
    Thread: Objective: better objectives
Post: RE: Objective: better objectives

Personally, I almost never bother to read my objectives, unless it's Conspirator. For me on RP, anyhow, most of the objectives are a bit... eh. I tend to do extremely weird things, personally, rathe...
Kamades Ideas & Suggestions 7 703 01-01-2021, 11:30 PM
    Thread: [PR] Clone scanning now makes a ping noise
Post: RE: [PR] Clone scanning now makes a ping noise

God please give me this, I need the beeping. Would make thiings so much faster\better.
Kamades Good ideas! 16 1,409 12-30-2020, 03:55 PM
    Thread: Post ITT and I will give you an avatar
Post: RE: Post ITT and I will give you an avatar

It's been awhile - I'd love something snake related, but I am happy with whatever :D virvedit: hiss
Kamades General Discussion 1,369 300,051 12-28-2020, 04:09 PM
    Thread: Deekin Mentorship Application
Post: RE: Deekin Mentorship Application

Yes, I mean, shit, I gave him my blessing to use my Reccomendation, yeah? Scale has been extremely helpful to folks on the discord, and I've seen nothing but the same from him ingame. The applicat...
Kamades Denied Applications 5 675 12-26-2020, 09:13 PM
    Thread: speeno's NTSO/HoS application
Post: RE: speeno's NTSO/HoS application

Admittedly, my only experiences with you have been as Sec and you as.... well, greytiding. Your actions on RP as non-security, as well as the general tone of this application, are not someone that I ...
Kamades Denied Applications 10 1,266 12-26-2020, 09:06 PM
    Thread: Guarantee non-antag status for RP Captains?
Post: RE: Guarantee non-antag status for RP Captains?

I'm generally in favor of captains not getting antag. It's always felt extremely weird to me that someone given that level of power is so often working against the good of the station. So yea, bnasi...
Kamades RP Discussion 9 1,184 12-23-2020, 09:43 AM
    Thread: HoS/NTSO
Post: RE: HoS/NTSO

I've spent a few rounds either on a team with Henry or observing them. While I will say their communication is decent, they seem to have a tendancy of doing entirely too much, without involving other...
Kamades Denied Applications 16 2,441 12-16-2020, 04:30 PM
    Thread: HoS Application
Post: RE: HoS Application

Been on teams a few times with Raven, been AI with em, and squared off against em as antag a couple times. Great as a sec off - has a very good grasp of the RP balance of security, and when you have ...
Kamades Approved Applications 12 1,288 12-11-2020, 08:39 PM
    Thread: Mentor Application
Post: RE: Mentor Application

(12-11-2020, 01:03 PM)Varali Wrote: Recommended by (if applicable): Jan.antilles, Nexusuxen, Varshie, KAMADES Yes. Varali is deeply knowledgable, responsible with said knowledge, and will make a g...
Kamades Approved Applications 15 1,577 12-11-2020, 08:21 PM
    Thread: Human Resprite Thread
Post: RE: Human Resprite Thread

I am in no way good at spriting. However, I have been checking into Imspriter now and again and really, really enjoying what I've been seeing. Thank you all for all the amazing hard work you put into...
Kamades Good ideas! 60 6,544 12-03-2020, 08:29 PM
    Thread: Recent TEG Changes
Post: RE: Recent TEG Changes

(11-27-2020, 02:09 AM)Azrun Wrote: [*]Use fluids with high viscosity!  Talk to a chemist near you! Bring them a fuel tank or something so you don’t use their precious resources. How is viscosity de...
Kamades Ideas & Suggestions 14 1,390 11-27-2020, 05:50 AM
    Thread: The Role of Security and Antagonists on RP Servers
Post: RE: The Role of Security and Antagonists on RP Ser...

(11-26-2020, 03:53 PM)Superlagg Wrote: How about an option to release your mob and respawn? If it'd be un-RP to let someone out and the jail RP isnt so hot, why not let them concede RP-defeat and NL...
Kamades RP Discussion 17 2,615 11-27-2020, 05:22 AM
  Lightbulb Thread: Recent TEG Changes
Post: Recent TEG Changes

So, lets talk about the recent TEG changes. I'm a engineer nerd, who mostly plays RPO, with a bit of RP1.  The standard maps are... we play every map on RPO, really, and so we see a lot of engines. ...
Kamades Ideas & Suggestions 14 1,390 11-26-2020, 02:22 AM
    Thread: Coroner job
Post: RE: Coroner job

I could see it as a gimmick, but 99% of the time for RP Goon, this is done by the MDir or trusted subordinate. Unfortunately autopsies don't... exist really, especially with the health analyzer.
Kamades Ideas & Suggestions 8 928 11-25-2020, 08:40 AM
    Thread: Head of Security Application - Jan.antilles (Fleur DeLaCreme)
Post: RE: Head of Security Application - Jan.antilles (F...

Yes. Wait, I need to say more? Jan is one of the security officers out there making rounds better for everyone, including the antagonists. Plus, HAND TYPED FRENCH ACCENT. In SECURITY. This is g...
Kamades Approved Applications 23 2,696 11-17-2020, 12:30 AM
    Thread: RP antag ratios are fucked, maybe add antag caps?
Post: RE: RP antag ratios are fucked, maybe add antag ca...

So, this has been a... really noticeable issue for a while now. Hell, I've had times where I've rolled antag and just... not done antag things, because whomever else is antag has already absolutely f...
Kamades Ideas & Suggestions 15 1,511 11-14-2020, 02:20 AM
    Thread: Pinkpuffball81's Mentor Application
Post: RE: Pinkpuffball81's Mentor Application

Do I think you have the knowlege to do the job? Yes. However. I have been admittely unimpressed with your behavior since you got HoS, as your gimmicks are often over the line of what I'd expect of ...
Kamades Denied Applications 10 1,492 11-11-2020, 12:48 PM
    Thread: Motives discussion + feedback
Post: RE: Motives discussion + feedback

Honestly, if we could just make dropped clicks apply to everything except food vending machines and food\drink, that might go quite a long way towards aleviating the bad feel? It's really annoying if...
Kamades RP Discussion 38 9,304 11-03-2020, 01:26 AM
    Thread: Mentor Application - Drunkangel/Lily
Post: RE: Mentor Application - Drunkangel/Lily

I mean, I reccomended they apply, didn't I? Lilac\Lily has done an amazing job of teaching folks every time I've seen them at it, and does a great job of being a teaching by example even if they aren...
Kamades Approved Applications 12 1,508 11-02-2020, 11:00 AM
    Thread: HoS application - gurking (Joaquin Fry)
Post: RE: HoS application - gurking (Joaquin Fry)

Going to have to echo Leeanei here a bit - Do you do a decent job as sec? Sure. Do I get a little nervous seeing you on as sec? Also true. You've got a lot of knowledge and are reasonably robust, ...
Kamades Denied Applications 7 1,205 11-01-2020, 08:55 AM
    Thread: Mentor Application - Jan.antilles
Post: RE: Mentor Application - Jan.antilles

Jan is absolutely someone I have seen around the station, helping out and teaching folks. From gentle teaching in botany, to being a helpful teacher in Medbay, and low level teaching via prodding as ...
Kamades Approved Applications 30 3,939 10-07-2020, 01:54 PM