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banned by darkchis - orekami - 06-23-2017

who banned you?: darkchis

Byond key: gabrielst7

date of ban: a week ago

Specified Reason for Ban: I was banned because I hit on a person even the admin warning that he could not

ban lenght: permanent ban 

what led to the ban?: There was a man who was beating everybody, so I killed him.

Why am I appealing? / Why should I be unbanned: Because I killed the man for everyone and not only for me and I just wanted to work together with a guest (my friend) even more knowing how that work "geneticist"

RE: banned by darkchis - Haine - 06-23-2017

You've denied your own appeal, I'm impressed, friend!

(You should probably have posted this in the regular Unban Appeals subforum and not No, our section specifically intended for very denied appeals!)

RE: banned by darkchis - magic mountain - 01-08-2018

Haha, we should leave this here but yeah go repost in the main board dude.

edit: Wow, timestamps