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Cirral Spam - UmbraDrake - 06-03-2017

Not really angry as such but was annoying. I was attempting to try and find one of the antags that I knew had messed with one or two things. I teleported somewhere (not sure if that was admin or not though) and spawned right next to the downed antag, with his E-Sequencer on the ground.

What annoyed me more was the body swapping. Like, I was waiting for someone to make a move on the shuttle so I could attempt a takedown, but then I got swapped to someone in space. Which was mildly annoying for a start.

Honestly, not a huge complaint but definitely an annoyance. And not the general 'Oh its Goon, it's doing to be weird and crazy' shit, more 'Okay, I was actually messed about there' annoyance.

wordjo wordjo wordjo

Take what you will, anyway. I bear no grudge.

RE: Cirral Spam - Cirrial - 06-03-2017

I've been given a stern talking to about pushing buttons and will refrain from pushing the buttons in this manner in future again. Sorry for the swap.

RE: Cirral Spam - magic mountain - 06-03-2017

We try not to do stuff like this in the middle of a round and it's perfectly understandable to find it annoying. Thanks for the feedback.

RE: Cirral Spam - Spy_Guy - 06-04-2017

It should also be noted that Cirrial was not the only person pushing buttons here and that it was a team effort.

RE: Cirral Spam - ZeWaka - 06-04-2017

Hi yes I pushed buttons also, thanks for the feedback.