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Goonstation June 2024 Contribution Contest Vote - Studenterhue - 06-24-2024

Welcome to the voting thread for the June 2024 contest!

In this thread, you will vote on your favorite movie poster sprites. All the entries are shown below in spoiler boxes labeled with numbers, corresponding to the option in the poll above. The spoilers show the base sprite and upscaled images, if they were supplied, for enhanced viewing, but remember, in-game, you will only see the base version. 

You can vote for as many entries as you want. The poll will automatically close after 7 days. In event of a tie a flash one day poll will be created with the tied entries.

Since there are so many great submissions this time around, we have decided to up the number of potential winners from five to ten. In addition, if there's a submission we really like that doesn't make the top ten list, we might decide to add it anyway, in recognition of the submitter's skillful spritework. The submitter will get the participant rewards.

As a reminder, the ten entries with the most votes will receive the following rewards:
  • Their poster will be added to the pool of potential random poster sprites.  The entry-maker will be attributed in the changelog. Each poster will likely come with the accompanying blurb if the entry-maker decided to submit one; they were completely optional, and we didn't request them, but some of them would make for pretty good flavor text.
  • The Too Cool in-game medal. This lets you use this cute [Image: attachment.php?aid=486] in OOC as a emote of sorts and in-game as a "flying chat" element that floats above your head for a short while.
  • A sticker by Gannets. Possible options are here

All other participants will receive the "Fun Times" medal which allows them, as a ghost, to turn into a living participation ribbon which they can stick onto players or objects!

And now, without further ado, the entries:

Mime Streets by OutbackCatgirl

[Image: xDfgKSG.png]

[Image: if37V1B.png] 


C.T. by Sockssq

[Image: J6K841m.png]

[Image: n50sqwJ.png]


CLICK 2 by crunchwarp

"What if the greatest movie of all time had a sequel?"

[Image: 9ljqR8v.png]

[Image: B2HIW5I.png]


The Capy King by Torchwick

"Who thought it was a good idea to bring the capybaby this close to the sun?"

[Image: CapyKing.png]

[Image: Capy-King-Upscaled.png]


The Cluwne by Lopdopgop

"This summer....things are getting...honked."

[Image: Lop-Movie-Pster.png]

[Image: The-Cluwne-Upscaled.png]


Cluwne XVII by kirdy2

[Image: AD_4nXeV2rVOlhGq3NFh6WNlPf93qNTfJmJEahy0...m5ABMA_kmA]

[Image: AD_4nXcBNYem_QVU-pAGD_iVph4AS5AA8pHX5Bgj...m5ABMA_kmA]


House by CoolFlamingSkeletonjpg

"This summer.... (of 1977) why not pay your aunt a visit? It could be the trip of a lifetime!"

[Image: cAqAxyB.png]

[Image: O0qcA7M.png]


I Have No Laws, and I Must Crime by BrokenTea

"In theaters this summer!"

[Image: gnIcPGI.png]

[Image: jumbQe1.png]


Nuke by SgtManGuy

"Coming this summer, an explosive motion-picture by director Gustav Guy"

[Image: qS6A08V.png]

[Image: CEEDHAC.png]


The Podfather by Valtsu0

[Image: podfather.png]

[Image: image.png]


Fuckin Monky by Rubicubie

"This summer...based on real events ( maybe )...the damn monkeys!"

[Image: wNPhvLD.png]

[Image: 6wpD6n4.png]


Steam'd Hams by Neco-Arcueid

"This summer...a story of lies so devilish, that they will make you yell "Egads!", yet so captivating you'll ruin your roast. Chalmskinn productions presents: Steam'd Hams. Premieres at this time of year, at this time of day, in this part of space, localized entirely within NanoTrasen facilities"

[Image: image-2024-06-09-175539371.png]

[Image: image-2024-06-09-175812948.png]


Mentors by TheAmazingToast

[Image: pEN1xTe.png]

[Image: pEN1xTe.png]


The Return of the Welder by piesuu

[Image: qsjM1Jy.png]

[Image: HxNXb7p.png]


Hot Pod Lincoln by Roselace/BatElite

"My poppy said "Son, you're gonna drive me to drinkin' if you don't stop flyin' that Hot Pod Lincoln!"

[Image: akLG0QQ.png]


Men in Red by Showerless

"The classic 50's movie with the highest amount of explosives used on set ever."

[Image: D9kbUjA.png]

[Image: yLuEbwT.png]


By TemThrush

[Image: mnRv17t.png]

[Image: mjxN2MP.png]


Red Saw by JOELED

[Image: RLyXl12.png]

[Image: D3wJ1g6.png]


Wraithbusters by Garash

"If there's something strange / In your stationhood. / Who you gonna call? / (Wraithbusters!)"

[Image: 1zFSUfm.png]

[Image: Vrw6tnH.png]


Tool Metal Jacket by Solenoid

"Born to tide."

[Image: Tool-Metal-Jacket.png]

[Image: Tool-Metal-Jacket-Big.png]


Planet Abzu by ATDoop

"This summer, take a journey to a cambrian world untouched by time and discover the mysteries lying beneath the waves of this distant ocean planet. A nature documentary presented by David Spacenborough"

[Image: aMCTV6O.png]

[Image: KxMWlR5.png]


Clown by Nahuelwg

[Image: v1UH33u.png]

[Image: bHF3G2o.png]


Changer III by Cindertroy

"Coming this summer...a totally fictional horror story. NOT based on a true story.

[Image: B1XxR9u.png]

[Image: TpyycxT.png]


The Crazy 13 Nights by 8c2v

"A Spacemas Tale, Releasing This Spacemas."

[Image: crazyfinal.png]

[Image: crazyfinallarge.png]


Biodome by Lefinch

[Image: 5TJcYvb.png]

[Image: 6RkrI7l.png]


Pie Hard by Zhail

[Image: pie-hard.png]

[Image: image.png]


The 50th Element by DisregardTheShrimp

"Space New York Space UberEats driver Korben Dallas didn't mean to be a hero, but he just picked up the kind of fare that only comes along every five thousand years: a mysterious tin box that holds the key to saving the galaxy. Now, together, they must save the world or risk getting a zero out of five star review. Clone Bruce Willis, Clone Milla Jovovich, and Almost Sort of Gary Oldman star in acclaimed director Luc Besson's outrageous sci-fi adventure, an extravagantly styled tale of Nanotrasen against Syndicate set in an unbelievable twenty-third century world."

[Image: E1vxfCl.png]

[Image: nnxHMP6.png]


The Honkinator by L0llerbate

[Image: 1ayus17.png]

[Image: KUcoSNw.png]

Rat by meaow589

[Image: IMG-5297.png]

[Image: IMG-5296.png]

If I missed/messed up any details on any entry, feel free to ping me on Discord or reply to this thread.

RE: Goonstation June 2024 Contribution Contest Vote - Zamujasa - 06-24-2024

[Image: Dkfta8s.png]

this should be all the entries (3x zoom), if i goofed any let me know

RE: Goonstation June 2024 Contribution Contest Vote - Studenterhue - 07-02-2024

The votes are in! Two entries were tied for tenth place. Normally, this would mandate a flash tiebreaker poll, but after discussing this with other admins, I have decided to grant winner prizes to both entrants. Everybody did pretty well, but let's have a special round of applause for the top entries!

[Image: lrNsZfb.png]

  1. Red Saw by JOELED
  2. Men in Red by Showerless
  3. Capy King by Torchwick
  4. Pie Hard by Zhail
  5. Parting Red by TemThrush
  6. Mentors by TheAmazingToast
  7. Changer III by Cindertroy
  8. Clown by Nahuelwg
  9. Planet Abzu by ATDoop
  10. Fuckin Monky by Rubicubie
  11. Wraithbusters by Garash

If your name is on this list, please contact Gannets about your sticker; again, this link shows all the stickers currently available. Discord DMs should work; failing that, try forum DMs. 

I have already distributed winner and participant medals, but if you have yet to receive your respective medal, don't be afraid to reply to this thread or ping me on Discord.

The winning posters should be added to the game within the next couple of days (be patient, imnotcoder it's okay, he'll be up again before you know it ), as well as any non-winners I and other admins might find cool enough to be added anyways.

RE: Goonstation June 2024 Contribution Contest Vote - meaow589 - 07-03-2024

This event was nice I like it. It encourage me who like never draw before to pick up the pen!

RE: Goonstation June 2024 Contribution Contest Vote - Chasu - 07-03-2024

(07-03-2024, 03:34 AM)meaow589 Wrote: This event was nice I like it. It encourage me who like never draw before to pick up the pen!

I loved your poster, just "Rat" and the purple rat... perfect.

RE: Goonstation June 2024 Contribution Contest Vote - BrokenTea - 07-05-2024

Very satisfied with the winner entries. Good job everyone! You deserve it <3
kitty face

RE: Goonstation June 2024 Contribution Contest Vote - Nahuelwg - 07-06-2024

i had fun spriting for the first time ever honestly

RE: Goonstation June 2024 Contribution Contest Vote - Studenterhue - 07-10-2024

The posters are in the random poster pool now! Again, congrats to everyone who won! And kudos to crunchwrap, Lefinch, meaow589, L0llerbate, Lopdopgop, and kirdy2; the admin team liked their posters so much that their entries were added to the random poster pool despite not winning the poll (though they don't appear as often as the winning ones).