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Mentor Application : Co7rupti0n (Chad Fuel) - chad_fuel - 09-28-2023

Usual character name: Chad Fuel
BYOND username: Co7rupti0n
Discord username: realmt
Recommended by: N/A
Goon servers you play: Goonstation 1

Brief Introduction:
Hi I'm Chad Fuel, I usually play science or chaplain since I like some gameplay and roleplay roles even though I play mostly on classic. I like to learn new things and once I do, if someone asks I usually teach them how.

Reason for application:
I'm applying because I really like this community and would love to encourage newer players to get on and give it a shot. I love teaching new players, new things and I love seeing them getting excited. Anyway I always help newbies learn tele science as it is my passion, as well as artifacts and chemistry. I love these sub departments and hopefully, I can help the players who want to learn, love it too 

Game Experience
About my experience, I have a lot of experience in every department from engineering to science from service to medical I have a rudimentary knowledge of every job including rancher, botanist, scientist, and bartender. Let me give an example, someone's asking how to grow omega weed, obviously this is on the wiki but if they haven't checked it, I can tell them which is to get the weed to at least 420 potency which it will then have a chance to mutate into omega weed. I also have very rudimentary knowledge in toxins but as I've said before I'm mainly a telescience nerd

Previous bans:
permanently banned once and a couple temporary ones

RE: Mentor Application : Co7rupti0n (Chad Fuel) - Studenterhue - 09-30-2023

This application is invalid because your Reason for Application and Game Experience are below the 300 word minimum. You are free to make another app that meets the requirements. In this case, you do not have to wait 60 days after the rejection date.