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how are rp servers going? miss y'all - mab - 05-08-2023

Sleeping bee
i hope you rp guys are fine.

i left the community a while ago and i really miss it. but mostly i miss rp servers. even before i left the community, i had pretty much stopped playing rp. but i really miss my characters (and yours of course) and sharign drawings in the server.

i hope to come back when my health will be better. miss you all.

ps. congratulations to the new mentors and hosii!!

RE: how are rp servers going? miss y'all - Silent Majority - 05-08-2023

Strong as ever. I was just wondering where you where. We will all love to see you when you come back, seat is still warm

RE: how are rp servers going? miss y'all - RubberRats - 05-08-2023

I miss you too, even if I almost never saw you around (timezones among other things).

I want to say that things are looking up. Dont remember when you left, but codewise there have been a few sizable changes. Nadir got added to normal rotation, Destiny got cut, Donut2 was refurbished and is also in rotation, and we have an actual nuclear engine now, among other things.

As for the state of the roleplay servers, I want to say things are looking up. From what I have seen, the clique problems are not as bad as they were, though I do not know enough to claim whether they are fully gone. 4 has struggled to hold a decent pop, and a lot of people I remember fondly no longer play as often, but I have hope that with the summer we might get some more people.

I myself have been doing much better than before. Just yesterday I had a round that reminded me of why I like engineering. I had an idea for a singularity feeder that I wanted to test, so me and another engineer spent the round setting it up and I got to set a personal record for that particular engine. I have been playing a lot more security and been picking up captain again. Even been considering playing more command roles on highpop.

Hope to see you around sometime.

RE: how are rp servers going? miss y'all - nefarious6th - 05-09-2023

rounds are as they have been. no fomo, focus on yourself.

love you lots and always, mab

RE: how are rp servers going? miss y'all - Bigbro175 - 05-09-2023

I think they've been fun! I've seen alot of people who normally stick to their groups (myself included) going outside their comfort zones and playing with more people. there also seems to be a mini-wave of new people, it's been a blast. miss ya'

RE: how are rp servers going? miss y'all - Munien - 05-12-2023

things have been pretty cool, lots of new players which is nice to see.
miss you heaps mab, but I'm glad you're taking the time to look after yourself <3