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NTSC/HoS Application - Desta Seas/Cem Crowly/Private Tail - Eternal_Muerto - 02-01-2023

Usual character name: Desta Seas, Cem Crowly, Private Tail, (non-sec asshole) Cement Clement
BYOND username: Eternal Muerto
Discord username: Eternal_Muerto#4541

Recommended by (if applicable): -
Goon servers you play: mainly Morty (3), non-security classic

Reason for application:
  1. I want to grow in game and as a person.
  2. I was in many rounds when security team was disorganized, careless and, well, unprofessional. I think presence of HoS that would call officers to a meeting and let them know what they should be ready for will be helpful and better for the RP. Having head of the department always good (connection with the command and someone who can teach you) and more so with the security. I would like to be this helpful person.
  3. I would like to have new experience as HoS/NTSC myself and hope me on these positions will help with more interesting rounds for others.

Security experience (300 word minimum):
Riot in science wing, zombie outbreaks, nukies (on RP, yes), and all usual stuff like lings, vampires, traitors and spies. All that was faced.

Since i'm playing security for the year already i know how to use security equipment and gladly teach others how to do it too. I want to believe i can feel if the round quiet and make antags angrier, or if it's too chaotic and attempt to calm them down. i hope this is the case. There were good and bad shifts, boring and funny ones.

As example of a good security round: conspiracy turned whole science outpost (on the donut 2) into independent from NT Scitopia. HoS (Alex Wilo) classified it as a riot. So the armory was opened, gear taken and troops went to a war. We got some RP with breaking in and then slowly pushed them back into security area on the outpost. All who left from the science team were given last chance to surrender, but they declined. We breached the door and gassed the area... I didn't had gasmask so i have no idea what happened next... Scitopia fought brave and honorable, security did the same and at the end taken over science wing, but lost a few brave souls in the unknown azone... One of the rioters was taken to the CentCom in cuffs for the further interrogations. I love how it all came together and everyone involved had fun.

Some fun good interaction with the security: i was captain and shift was quiet, nothing was happening and then trader docked with the station. Trader was selling holographic disguise so i decided to prank/test the security. I hid my ID and walked around with the captain's equipment until was noticed by the security who tried to stop me with words. I did not talk with them (it would ruin my disguise) and start running away so they finally shot me down and took to a security. They put me in cell and started interrogation to find out who am i and why do i have captain's equipment. I used every possibility they left me to attempt to run (not the violence, of course) and finally was searched. At the end security believed me that it was me and all ended well. Me and security had at least a little fun with it.

To be fair, i am not really sure what else i can add. Maybe information for those who know and/or saw me long enough. I had an issue with getting in-game occasions too close to my heart and then getting grumpy or discussing them in prerounds. Since it was pointed out for me i worked with it and now seems to be able to manage my stress level. If you read it all, thank you for your patience)

Answer two or more of the following:
  • What advice would you give to other sec players?
    Security is heavily depends on the team play. Be active on the comms, keep track of what others doing and let team know what you are doing, speak over the comms from time to time so team would know you are still alive and well. Do not run around with your gun/baton in the hands if you are not currently using it. Always try talk first, not tase someone just because they have "controband" mark or even "arrest" mark.
  • What was one of your favorite security moments? (Either playing as a sec officer or interacting with one)
    Story about me being handcuffed vampire on the shuttle in the hands of the secoff and desperately trying to get away (glaring, screeching, attempts to use trance etc.) and being punished by force-feeding security donuts still brings smile on my face.And any clutch moments when security team getting reaped apart, but surpassing them by the team work.
  • What game improvements or changes do you think would benefit security players?
    I think for the "just a baton" loadout ability to get second battery token instead of the secondary one would be great.And second thing is having some sort of suggestive list of the punishments for certain crimes would help new security members.
  • Describe any differences in your playstyle when part of a full security team and when being the only security officer.
Answer one or more of the following fun questions (because it's important for the HoS to be fun):
  • Write a poem to convey your thoughts on security/NanoTrasen/space/bees/anything related to SS13.
  • What's a security gimmick that you've ran or wanted to run?
    Well all my security characters have some clown parts of their personalities. Desta is my attempt to be tactical and pretty strict, sometimes cold and hard, but still caring about security team and the crew. Cem is the guy who prefers comfortable desk duty and talk the situations out, dislikes cruelty, but not the stranger to drastic measures as the last resort. Tail (currently waiting for the fix of the monkeys' tails disappearances) is the little monkey who is using just a baton, very bad with the guns, can't write or type (literally will not write you a ticket cause he can't) and the only exception is he can use secmate to change someone's status, wearing cool looking clothes instead of protective gear, but NO shoes (they are too big and uncomfortable, as he thinks).I hope i can continue my monkeys in security with something new. Don't like to think ahead of things because they are usually ending up as something else and my preparations going to the trash bin.
  • Draw a picture!
Previous bans (while this will not affect your application lying about it will):
30 days long one for the rule breaking at the start. Deserved, and i still ashamed i did that crap.
5 minutes because of my misunderstanding of the saying, resulting in the rule breaking. I'm sorry, will be more careful now.

RE: NTSC/HoS Application - Desta Seas/Cem Crowly/Private Tail - Oremir - 02-01-2023

From what i've seen you're decent, but truth be told i feel like i need to see more of you before i can give this a sollid +1. You mention aswell in your application that ''Security is heavily depends on the team play. Be active on the comms'' but i've had a few instances where it was hard to get a hold of you which you really don't want for an HoS. I suppose in overal you're a good player but i'm not yet convinced for you as a HoS. not a -1 or a +1. Just a 0

RE: NTSC/HoS Application - Desta Seas/Cem Crowly/Private Tail - Eternal_Muerto - 02-02-2023

To be fair i can't recall many shifts with you in the security as well. Sometimes when i looking for the record with partial prints, in the middle of interrogation/talking on the scene i don't report on the radio, but always reporting results after it's finished. Otherwise i feel like i always responding to the calls. I also noticed that my messages over the comms being ignored quite alot and i need to repeat it few times.
In any way, thank you for the reaction

RE: NTSC/HoS Application - Desta Seas/Cem Crowly/Private Tail - Tarmunora - 05-05-2023

We appreciate the time and effort you put into this application, but have decided to deny it due to a lack of community response. You're welcome to reapply in 60 days, which would be 2023-07-04. In the meantime, I'd encourage you to keep sec officering!