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VR Expansion - TheMaskedMan2 - 11-20-2022

I was talking about this in deadchat with somebody else. I feel like the ghost VR could easily be expanded. Honestly I am talking about the murderbox mostly, since every other part of VR isn't really used much at all. Probably asking a lot with this, but I'll just throw it out anyways.

VR could easily be used more for practicing antags and used as a sorta test-sandbox more than it already is. I think it would be neat if it was expanded from just a single box to more of a full arena/map. Add more antags to it. Things like Ling and Vampire.

In addition, have arcfiends, lings, vampires, etc. Start with a bunch of DNA/Blood/Power.

Someone in the deadchat I was in also said it would be neat if you could test blob/flock in the VR arena as well. Which just led me to thinking. "Hey, VR could use a revamp in general and expansion." So much of VR isn't even used. The pod arena and chessboard and stuff have been broken forever, isn't it possible to repurpose that area towards more of a big antag/test-bed murderbox?

RE: VR Expansion - nefarious6th - 11-20-2022

forgive me for not remembering exactly; there was discussion a while ago about adding ling/vampire to VR a while ago, maybe a year, and I think one of the primary criticisms was that people wanted players to learn to play those antags against other actual players, since their function is very interdependent (? wrong word but you get idea) on other people. If someone remembers the thread or whatnot, feel free to share and correct that.

I personally would be for having some more training stuff though; I especially think for vampire and ling the above is kind of moot since arcfiend is now in VR. Ling abilities are so dependent on other players though but I think being able to sort of goof around with testing abom arms and whatnot would be neat.

I think the pod Colosseum should be fully removed and cleaned up now. But the space to my knowledge hasn't been used for anything.

Flock tutorial is complete and just needs review. But yeah, I always feel bad in-round when it's blob and I go to do the tutorial and have people who might be waiting on me so we can co-deploy. Training spots outside proper antag rounds for the RTS gamemodes would be kind of nice, or at least maybe access to the tutorial zones through VR.

RE: VR Expansion - JanusRose - 11-20-2022

I for one would enjoy being able to practice pod fighting in VR and much more. Learning how to construct things in general as well, this is a good idea.

RE: VR Expansion - George_Manning - 11-21-2022

This most likely won’t happen but I know me and others would appreciate an engine setup in either VR or the afterlife bar so we can either learn to burn better or practice that sweet sweet engine dark magic.

RE: VR Expansion - Mouse - 11-22-2022

Pretty sure there are massive bugs associated with ling absorb and vampthrall in VR.

RE: VR Expansion - TheMaskedMan2 - 11-22-2022

(11-22-2022, 05:59 AM)Mouse Wrote: Pretty sure there are massive bugs associated with ling absorb and vampthrall in VR.

We can just disable those abilities in VR. A lot of wizard abilities are already disabled in VR so I can't imagine it'd be that hard right?

You can also have it so the abilities aren't even needed and the antags are spawned already with like, 100 dna points, 1000 blood, etc.

RE: VR Expansion - Lord_earthfire - 11-22-2022

My problem with ling and vamp in vr is simply the fact that they are uninteresting in the murderbox. They got stuns and poison and if you remove glare/hypnotize and the ling stings, there is not much left to them.

RE: VR Expansion - TheMaskedMan2 - 11-23-2022

Well I wanted murderbox to be more than just a box where you can murder people. Sure that can be part of it but it can be a fun testbed for antags and stuff.

RE: VR Expansion - Lord_earthfire - 11-23-2022

If it could be a solo-zone sure. But with other people going in there for some quick killing fun, this can just end up frustrating once someone picks up vampire abilities and picks a c-saber off the ground. Both fuctions just don't mix well.