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NT Personnel Profile: Doctor Piffany Boudle - Silent Majority - 05-03-2022

[Image: 1414503_lWLZ00eA.png]

Doctor Piffany Boudle Employment ID Number 77674437 Roboticist ID 133788216 Student Identification 2444822-B
20 years old
Blood type O+
92 LBS
Eyes green
Hair Lavendar

Medical Notes
Piffany suffers from long standing trauma induced PTSD. She is known to sometimes have moments of increased paranoia.
Piffany has no arms, tongue, and barely functional eyes. Cybernetic augmentation has replaced these, the left arm being an unknown make and scientific and engineering curiosity that seems to be far more melded with her. She possesses a partial cybernetic brain implant that is of a highly complex nature, which seems to be coped during cloning,the same as her left arm.

World of Origin Teleportium Reclamation Site 8, Formerly Solimnium, Formerly Cygnus 2 C-S4 B-11
Current Residence: NT School of Advanced Robotics Applications Dorm 17 Room 641

Abbreviated History: Piffany was born to her parents after a brief courtship and quick marriage. Her brother was born exactly ten months after. Upon having lived on world for 8 years her mother was able to, under colony law, run for Secretary, the position which allowed for overseeing finances. She promptly sold the world to her employers, Nanotrasen and divorced her husband, having secured the lifelong promotion she'd always wanted. Confidential statements from Mrs Boudle indicate this is due to her husband's reaction to an event which left Piffany stranded on a station for nearly 3 weeks at the age of 11 and left her severely traumatized and with both arms amputated.
Piffany is known to be highly fixated on procedure and structure and values the chain of command, this can turn into an exact opposite response if she becomes convinced the chain has 'failed' her. Designated authority figures are often treated respectfully and will typically turn herself in for crimes.
Piffany "enjoys" an extremely strained relationship with her mother, a corporate member, but recently the two seem to have patched things together. Her father after the events which transpired joined the syndicate in an attempt at revenge for his own world, becoming a servant to a different evil corporation and changing little. He abandoned the two children for the most part, Piffany being taken by her mother and her brother Bao staying with his paternal grandparents.
Piffany is, because of upbringing effectively radicalized to loyalty to both companies. This causes her immense distress.
Having had no tongue till into her 18th year of life, her spoken verbal skills are poor and have only degraded due to the incident. A Kleinz-Hartford test performed on her during her brief commitment established that she tends to regard cyborgs as being better than humans under most circumstances, and likewise has gotten to a place where she often finds alien life to be preferable to human.
Piffany shows great anxiety in public speaking, being in open spaces, or being too close to unfamiliar people. She has an extremely accommodating personality if not directly abused. Piffany becomes very alarmed if touched.
She demonstrates high levels of survivability and combat training and seems to have functional knowledge of the operation of power armor. She's demonstrated a high level of skill in swordplay, which is put at odds with the fact she normally demonstrates no aggressive traits.
Piffany codes almost exclusively in a dead programing language and has excellent grades in her advanced neural processing and silicon therapy classes and is extremely good at using machines. She's been shown to break into other facilities and to tamper with or alter silicon laws, programs and function, but seems disinclined or disinterested in doing anything with this other than a perceived increase to the silicon's status as actual beings
Piffany seems to have a great fear of sleeping and has been observed abusing stimulants, many illegal, to the point of becoming almost nonfunctional. her health is otherwise fine due to her avoiding almost all processed foods and keeping a moderate exercise routine. Recent notes indicate she is no longer or much less often using any currently known form of drugs.
Piffany alarmingly, has [REDACTED]
Remote AI has terminated connection

Access Denied
Access Denied
Disabling Remote Ai Oversight
Access Granted

A warrior employed by the syndicalist movement Armory, a trained and heavily militarized organization loyal to the syndicate, Gladius is a Parasitic Persona afflicting Piffany Boudle. The Knight is a known Operative and saboteur. They seem to operate under two different modus, either acting as an independent agent accomplishing goals, or far more worrisome, using a device which rapidly converts people and cyborgs into loyal roboticized servants, a horrifying event which has resulted in mass casualties in several stations.

The third and most troubling behavior from Gladius is after a recent attempt at the destruction of the Clarion, the sole captured Syndicate operative to survive, once cut from her armor, was Piffany. Voice modulation from her armor matched voice command on a leader of another recent site destruction. Investigation is ongoing and seems to be stymied heavily at a corporate level.

When operating on the station Gladius does not always engage in what can directly be seen as attacks, but their presence should be treated with caution. When pressed (see incident 28-V) Gladius has shown full willingness to detonate herself or cause other damage.

While Gladius' presence within Boudle is a clear security risk, oddly, the Knight rarely seems to use the knowledge she gains in the field during Operative incursions, or at least in ways directly noticeable. The Knight has not been seen to directly access most systems, and outside of the Silicon mass creation rarely interacts with Nanotrasen systems at all directly.

Gladius has exhibited extreme reluctance to Finish someone that has surrendered or succumbed in combat, standing away and leaving them be. This is extremely useful during periods she has managed to gain and upper hand, allowing for swift take downs

The Knight seems to enjoy speaking. She can be delayed with conversation.

Incident Log 39-G
When the heavy power armor clad knight was drug to medbay by the security officer power tools would have been needed to remove it to get to the girl inside, armless with the servos for the knight's armor directly hooked to the suits arms.  The two heavy gauntlets still clutching two of the borgs brains from the battlefield, using what little sense remained in her to try to thrust them to people and hiss out to save them.

When the helmet was removed it was obviously Piffany Boudle. Her body was wracked with shaking from morphine and syndicate methamphetamines. her sword recovered from the battlefield caked with blood. Bones shattered, a dozen or more bullets lodged in her, massive burning, and  a rare instance for people on the med staff to see what Piffany looked like under the clothing she always wore that completely covered every inch of skin.

Scars. Just scars. Animal  bites. mostly dogs, where all over her sides and legs. Bullet wounds. cutting wounds. burns. Surgical incisions. both self and other, crude poorly healed scars from improvised tools, pocks here and there where bullets where plucked with great difficulty from puckered flesh, shards of metal melted into the skin from old explosion's, radiation burns.

Piffany hadn't died in a long. long time...for a NT workers perspective. But it didn't mean her life was any easier. And scars don't always fade from cloning. the dog bites looked ancient. She'd still be trying to fight any treatment. Though she didn't go for the cyanide capsule in her belt...possibly because to even receive medical treatment you'd have to remove her 'outer' arms anyway, leaving her disarmed.

Sec could try to cover for her. But it wouldn't matter. By the time the shuttle arrived peace keeper forces would be there to drag her off, likely still comatose. To anyone who knew or bothered to check she would within the same day be returned to her normal living quarters, having  a mother in high places can make things easier, but being  captured and caught as a syndicate isn't something that is terribly easy to get away from.

This wasn't her being a saboteur, this was her using high end military grade gear to attempt to detonate a thermonuclear weapon on a station.

It wasn't going to disappear easily. But Piffany could be made to vanish till it did. And during that time the weight of nanotrasen would not have a hard time pushing back. Valued employee, model performance. Etc, etc. Lies can speak.

RE: NT Personnel Profile: Doctor Piffany Boudle - Joe Feros - 05-03-2022

amazing profile

RE: NT Personnel Profile: Doctor Piffany Boudle - Silent Majority - 05-12-2022

LOGIN NanoTrasen Medical University
Login Email
User Name [email protected]
Password H4D4Ro=[===>

Hi. I am sending this to myself..Its stupid But I know you watch. We need to talk. Dee is right. Viktor agrees too. I don't want to fight you. Can we work this out? I feel like I am losing myself. I know you hate me. But can't we find some middle ground?

[email protected]

[email protected]
You're taking my life away. I never try to stop your missions. What makes you think you can ....Please. What do i need to do? When you make me sleep it terrifies me.

[email protected]

[email protected]
I'm not fighting you. I know you're stronger. You proved you could blank me out. What do you want?

[email protected]
Please? Answer me? Can't you even give me that?

[email protected]
I know you see me typing these.


LOGIN NanoTrasen Medical University
Login Email
User Name [email protected]
Password H4D4Ro=[===>

This isn't working. You're taking over constantly. I feel like I am losing myself, I'm trying to give you time but you're killing and ..i appreciate the aid you've given Trisha but the super soldier program is HIGHLY suspect to me, what are you trying to do?

[email protected]

[email protected]
That isn't your job. I appreciate what you are doing, but you promised if I let you take more time willingly you wouldn't keep using this time to further your agenda.

[email protected]

[email protected]
I'm not going to be party to this if you keep hurting people.

[email protected]

[email protected]
Why have you been demanding me so many times recently?

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]
I was busy. I had a deep conversation with Alison. My mind is heavy. Please don't use the chamber. And what do you mean others?

[email protected]

[email protected]
Using it will endanger Mother. She can't hide that forever. I am done with you. We can try to reset but I am going to end this experiment if you don't end yours.


RE: NT Personnel Profile: Doctor Piffany Boudle - Silent Majority - 08-06-2022

[Image: IMG_8743.jpg?width=673&height=670]
[Present Clearance]
[Clearance Accepted]
[cd camera_feed]
[list archive]
[play svw_0044211]
[Begin feed: Station XXXXX GWF event 10:43 SST]

Commander Gladius pushes door to restroom open before final match with electric dragon. Does so confidently and after closing the door staggers forward, holding ribs, blood drips from under mask unit as they groan, staggering forward to push themself into a standing position.

Gladius stares in the mirror a 1 minute and 12 seconds, then pulls of mask, pushing back hood to stare at themself.

[Audio]D...d..damnit ... 
Expression pained they use several components on their armor to cause the chest plate to swing forward, revealing torso covered in bruises and bleeding. Gladius clearly has several broken ribs. They inject themselves with 3 different medications, crying out and covered in sweat as they shake a few moments. Catching themself in the wall they look at their reflection, seemingly transfixed. Gladius is observed touching herself on the face, deeply watching her reflection. Her hand is trembling.
[Audio] I am shaking... Is this it? Is this what I wanted? Is this...
She stared at herself a moment then seemingly grows disgusted pulling back
[Audio] Even the strongest of shields cannot defend the weakest of wills. A moment of hesitation beckons a lifetime of regret.
[Audio?] it wha..what you wa..wanted
Gladius speaks to themself in the mirror and seems shocked. They remove their gauntlet and place a hand upon their own reflections and seems to enter into a reflection with themself
[Audio] ...its everything I desire..I...I feel complete.
[Audio] Th.t..then r..r.r..e..regrets?
A long pause
[Audio] Sh..s.s.shake the heavens
[Audio] ....shatter the wall
[Audio] b..b.break the
[Audio] ....heh... Destroy them ALL.
Gladius is observed saluting herself for a moment..then falling to her knee's sobbing in seeming joy before standing again, wiping blood sweat and tears from their face. She re-attaches her mask and cleans her armor.
[Audio] ..Let us give the people a show sister. No matter what happens I take the stage with a smile.
The Commander pulls their hood back up and exits the bathroom
[End Video File]

RE: NT Personnel Profile: Doctor Piffany Boudle - Silent Majority - 08-17-2022

It was 0000 when they arrived.

The commander was till in her other side's uniform. Guards shifted uneasily looking at the NT finery. She was directed to the main room. He was laid out on the table. As was customary. She often forgot how his face looked. How he'd grown older.

It was a warm up exercise. It was procedure. He didn't like to take stations with explosions. He liked to cause a retreat. Bring in the teams. Sweep out any scragglers. Strip everything of use. It was a normal procedure. He was at zero risk.

But maybe. Just maybe...he'd gotten a taste for it again. Doing the detective work. Glorified bounty hunting..the way he did it. Maybe it got his old blood going again. And then he heard a podwars veteran was there.

And he had to show off. Had to gloat. And flex. And ever the cheater he had all the cards. The victory was swift simple and decisive and witnessed by the station.

And he legitimately hadn't expected a second attacker joining with a ship capable of pursuit of his souped up screaming engine.


He drilled those words into her every day. 

And he died by them.

They took the mask with shaking hands. From number 3 to number 1 and 1/2...the overseer was still the boss..and his now Widow...but military commands now came from her. His gun was slipped from his service pouch. And slid into her own, the old one tossed to the side like so much refuse.

The troops saluted as she sat in his chair at the end of the table.

They both felt empty inside.

"Everyone is waiting to shoot you in the back. Nobody ever helps anyone else unless is for a reason."

He always wanted her to do it. To strike him down. To be just like him.

And in the end...Someone Else took that burden. For themselves. For others. For her.

They took a deep breath. And returned to their pod. 

The borgs needed her.

The Kommandant was dead. Long live the Commander.

RE: NT Personnel Profile: Doctor Piffany Boudle - Silent Majority - 10-18-2022

it was 0000 when she arrived.

Shift had been 17 days this one. a long one. She was exhausted. hours and hours and hours as her had worn and worn and worn away at her sense of non personhood.

People seeing her and validating her, even without meaning to, again and again. Repetition to many breeds familiarity, and familiarity breed's disinterest. She turned to stare at the chess board by their bed. The only thing on the bedstand other then a charger for their devices and a case for their glasses. It was the first way she ever interacted with Piffany. A chess game played one or two moves a month. it'd been going for years, the two of them making tiny parries and thrusts. She went to move a piece and paused.

The girl had left her a checkmate. Not even a check...she had..moved herself into check..

Gladius stared in the bedside mirror a long time. It was for helper of course. She then slowly turned to the wall. There was her sword. And her belt. she lifted the blade up to swap it to the reverse again, the blue side. She removed her black glove and drug one claw down it to another hatch. Another line on the blade recurve. 15 to 26....
"..not good enough."
and then her eyes came to rest on 'her' slice of the world. A tiny little shelf on the bedroom shelves. Neither of the two where one much for owning anything. Technically most things in the apartment came from their partner. it had the faded wanted poster. a picture of her grandfather. a small pile of now rock hard peanutbutter chocolates she could never eat. a paper hat given to her by Bobot for her 'birthday'...

and she picked it up and looked at it. the blood red transponder she used for contacting her long time employers. and long time masters. She flipped a claw over the switch, saw the messages scrolling past...all ones for her specifically. She hadn't had time to look at them. She didn't care to.

"You're a fantastic officer...when you're you. Not Gladius."

Not Gladius.

.....she rejected all of the proposals. then her metal claws squeezed and dropped the shattered bits of plastic and wire and boards. to the ground, kicking the pieces under a carpet. She slipped her badge out from under her vest, and tossed it in its place. It was just a worthless piece of immitation brass foil over a thin bit of cheap steel.

A stupid symbol.

She desperately treasured it. She sat down on the wooden flat that was her bed. And looked at the chess board. She picked up her red knight and moved it over the king. then laid it on its side...Moving back to flick the red king on its side and laid back, folding her metal hands behind her head and stared at the slow moving fan on the ceiling.

"Knight yields to king. Check mate."

"You win."

And the paladin went to sleep to allow her other face her time. A sword is a thing for using not showing, showing a blade shows a lack of confidence. Showing a shield shows pride.

I knight is made to move unpredictably, to strike deeply into the battlefield.

A knight can never be more than a knight. It cannot be promoted.

...she smiled. Just faintly. A show without passion is nothing at all...and an Acrtress without versatility is no actress. A game without rules is not a game.

And she could not have it both ways.

Paladin made her choice. And for the first time in her life, was content.

RE: NT Personnel Profile: Doctor Piffany Boudle - Silent Majority - 01-09-2023

[Image: unknown.png]

"You're sure this is what you want?"

She'd been hearing that question a lot. She was nearing half a year as an officer. It was time for her to get rid of the parts of herself that she still held onto.

She consented.  She was sure.

The soldiers who shaped her. Who she shaped. She did what was best for them. She was not the one to lead them anymore. When they spoke she directed and assisted those who wanted to move in. A few stayes. Several hundred down to enough to fit on a bus. Ones who agrees with her enough to do small things that needed done.

She didn't even wear the hat for the peace meeting.

And when Piffany decided to teach..she said it was okay. Their glorious revolution gone after she consented it waa okay. And she was fine with it. She had her place. 

And now she stood outside the last place she needed to go.

She stared up at the academy sign.  The one for training officers. Something she knew she did not need to do.


She remembered her commander telling her maybe she learned humility.  She nodded.  Took a deep breath. She did lead sometimes. It's what she made for.

But as she told people..

There was nothing a special about her. Nothing she did anyone else couldn't do.

So she after hesitation, entered. To prove that.

RE: NT Personnel Profile: Doctor Piffany Boudle - Silent Majority - 05-04-2023

A story for a friend

The Coward, The Girl and the Knight

Once upon a time on a far distant star there was a little girl. Her father was a warrior, hard and cold, and her mother a buisness woman, an outsider, shrewd with hidden warmth. She had a brother born right after her.

On this world all was silent, and dark, and cold. People used their hands more then their eyes. The world did not want them there, but, they where happy, or, something approaching that. To the little girl this was all she knew and she was a happy if quiet little girl.

And one day her mother took her to a place where a terrible fate befell her. And the little girl was broken. A kindly knight came, a man made of steel, and tried to save her.

The knight succeded for a time, and he took the broken pieces and made them whole with his flesh. He found the wounds on her heart and mended them with his love. He found the wounds on her mind and mended them with his understanding and friendship.

The little girl started to be happy again. Then a terrible thing happened a second time, the little girls parents came and they slew the knight thinking he hurt their little girl. And that was the first time the little girl ever spoke, to scream. A scream so raw and primal it left a wound, bleeding, gaping, oozing, on her heart.

and the wound festered. Her parents fought. Both of them used her like a piece in a game, so intent on hurting each other that they forgot about her being just a little girl. Blow after blow was fought in this mock war and the pain rained down on her and her brother. Her brother was the one thing keeping her ab le to put up a brave face, every day the courage and curiosity and bravery and honor she had been raised with erroded till she shook at a touch and couldn’t even look at faces, till the point she could b arely tell what a face was.

And then one day the girls cowardice broke. She ran away and hid.

She hid inside herself. She hid deeply and she erected a warrior to stand in front of her. Someone who only knew hate. And pain,.A nd misery. And the coward kept all the kindness and happiness away, hidden, just for herself, lost in a world of memory where she kept those secrets locked away, leaving the knight forged of hate to stand outside and raise shield against what came.

and oh such pain came

..and then one day the knight was made to feel fear. terrible, horrible, gut churning fear…a fear so terrible she tried to hide too. And then another came. Someone better then her, or the coward. But she was a coward, too. weak willed, but a better person, a sister in this war.

and the Girl and the Knight battled in the body the coward left behind, while the coward hid. And then one day…after many battles, after so much pain caused to others, unfairly and unjustly…the knight was too tired to fight anymore. She tried to make herself disappear. she tried to go where the coward went.

But the coward was dead. She’d shriveled away and hid forever as the cruel cruel world had continued, leaving only twin sisters born of tragedy in her place. She was broken again.

The knight learned she was a bad knight. But being a knight was all she knew. so she tried to be a better knight. She tried day..she was. Maybe not better enough to be good, but better. She stopped hurting people. She stopped trying to hide. She still doesn’t understand love. She still doesn’t know how to feel good. But she doesn’t feel so angry now.

But the girl and the knight do not speak anymore. And the girl is the heritor to the coward's kingdom, the fleshy prison both were born within, the kookoo birds born in another's nest.

Broken things cannot be repaired to have never been broken. But the knight is okay with that now. She may not be whole.S he may not even be real. She may just be a defense mechanism for a person that doesn’t exist now.

But broken things matter. till eventually they are replaced.

RE: NT Personnel Profile: Doctor Piffany Boudle - Silent Majority - 08-28-2023

Light swirled in the dust, two shadows cast inside the laboratory hidden beneath the apartments, a little cyst buried from view.

"S..superb entrance! Th..theatric!" She laughed, "Immaculate! But I must insist you stand DOWN."

"You will forgive me my intrusion, doctor. But you are sitting in my chair." She said, moving clockwise as she tracked the other in the dark. Of course she'd have cut the lights. She would be able to see better in the dark.

"..of course you'd act brashly, fool girl. I had hoped it'd never come to this." A faint popping hiss of electricity was the only signal before the stun baton scrapped her side as she twisted out of the way, only slowing her slightly, hidden behind a surgical table.

"Because your pride won't let you accept change?" She responded as she slipped the firearm from her belt.

"" the voice came from the darkness, echoing around her ..a surgical cart kicked across the room colliding with her. The tools slicing across her and causing blood to mix with the oil splattering the floor. "I simply had no desire to humiliate you, knight." A swift lash and a wrench connected with her ribs.

"..I never thought you so devious. I thought you'd moved on. Forgotten. But it all starter to click into place. The lost hours. The missing funds. The bodies. The high grade cybetnetics..and then when they confirned my suspicions.."..
She made a movement, a gunflash illuminatimg the area. A few shells from the old clock falling with a clatter as she stood in the light again, only her eye visible in the gloom. "Dammit girl..don't flee another day! Stand your ground for ONCE."

"Fantastic vintage NanoTrasen toys! For once in our lives LISTEN. We're doing this for us! We can have it all!" A metalic hand grasped her, slamming her to a table. A whine of a saw over powered the room.

An arm was wrenched away..a saw flew acrosd the room..impeding in a computer
"I've no intent to share. I've no intent to live for another. I'm done letting my light be stolen. "

The shock baton hit her again. Then she sneered. "I knew you'd have logical tunnel vision. I knew you'd use the baton, and i KNEW you'd back yourself into a corner."

She shook with rage. "No..i..planned everything...I REFUSE TO LOSE "

The baton was stolen from a hand, and smashed at her.

"Dear Doctor. Whst makes you assume you ever had a choice." As the computer shorted the lights came on. The
And she turned from The two shadows she cast. The lab in ruins.

The lab she never needed.

A switch pulled. The power cut.

And then one left. To go back to life.