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Fix the Clarion Kitchen - Filthy Steve - 11-21-2021

I like Clarion, but I hate its kitchen. For starters and most importantly; there's no stove. I can't even make soup! On a slightly less serious issue, it's too tiny. It's not bad if there's only one chef, but I mean Sous Chef is an actual job too.

RE: Fix the Clarion Kitchen - DioChasek - 11-21-2021

On a related note Kondaru’s kitchen(aka the kitchen I always seem to to get chef on) could use an extra oven, but to make it work you are gonna have to either expand the kitchen out or move everything to the back room. And it’s even more of a sardine can than Clarions kitchen is.

RE: Fix the Clarion Kitchen - pali6 - 11-26-2021