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Ban Evasion robot - Deathslayer448 - 07-06-2021

so a couple days ago my brother was playing with me on my local goonstation server and at a certain point he decided that he wanted to log on the public server to try a round and I was like "go ahead" and he logs on and receives my ban message, at that moment I realized it was ip ban and that I would probably have time added for attempted ban evasion so I posted on the forum under the thread of my original ban appeal and a few days later I open goonstation to see how many days I got left on my ban and I find I have had 5 more days added on, my post was completely ignored and now the admins want to pull the "we have no proof" trick and it really seems like they do not care for any actual proof, that ban evasion is gonna go on my record and make it near impossible for me to redeem myself with what I already have on there, also if you look at my record it shows I have not evaded any past bans, it would seem out of place for me to just start all of a sudden in addition to outing myself literally right after the login, no ban evaders would tell on themselves like that, I am posting this here because my original thread is being ignored and technically the ban evasion robot could be counted as an admin for this case, I am just really pissed that I am getting punished now for something I never did and no one even wants to try and help clear it up, they just like "ah well that is how it is fuck you".

RE: Ban Evasion robot - Sord213 - 07-06-2021

Hi. The way our ban system works, yes; if someone in your house attempts to connect they will also be banned. This includes your brother. Unfortunately it's not possible for me to remove the ban so your brother is able to play. He'll have to wait out the ban with you. I have, though, cleared the extension caused by the autobanner so your timer is back to what it was.

RE: Ban Evasion robot - Mrfishstick - 07-06-2021

This isn't admin feedback so much as just whining about a ban. Please limit new threads in this forum to specific feedback about individual admins and not just a general complaints that we aren't lifting your ban.

If you do have specific feedback, feel free to make a new thread but I'm considering this specific matter closed.