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Nathan White as character, I guess. (forgive me for my shitty writing) - bl4nk - 05-10-2021

I am basing this off Hokie's template, all credit for formatting goes to them. 

"Is this the part I am supposed to say something wise?"

Name: Nathan White

Alias: "Nate" 

Age: 24

Birthday: 2029 / 05 / 07.

Zodiac: Taurus.

Ethnicity: Space Baltic States.

Place of Birth: Space Baltic States.

Current Residence: No static residence, hopping around the space.

Eye color: Light blue.

Hair color: Naturally black, but dyed to pink.

Height: 175.61cm (5 feet & 9.13 inches)

Weight: 83.2kg 

Build: While his build is a mix of very soft and moderately buff, it is nothing special, and almost, average build. 

Disabilities: Generally, Nathan MIGHT suffer from multiple mental disorders, namely, Bipolar disorder, mood swings, chronic sadness and sociopathy.

Occupation: Employed by NT, mostly can be seen doing staff assistants work, on occasions, can be seen working as bartender, chef, and works partly as security officer. His loyalty is at question. 

Status: Alive.

Previous Occupations: Mercenary for private research company, and former space marine. 

Education: Passed space primary, middle and high school, as well as educated in types, models and mechanics of firearms, law, basic medicine, and is somewhat skilled in most services.

Traits: N/A

Habits: N/A

Hobbies: CQC, philosophy, psychology, research of combat tactics, both small and large scale. 

Admires: Himself, his friends. 

Disdains: N/A

Fears: Being alone.

Bio: okay, so, foreword, this is like, all timelines and branching that happen to Nathan, depending on antag status that they are assigned in game (Sorry if this is poorly written and yeahhh usually its gonna be only ling and traitor nathan)

As changeling : Nathan was working as mercenary in aforementioned research company, until he was tasked with containment of, in which, he dies and his DNA was absorbed by the entity.

As traitor / spy : Eventually, Nathan has slowly uncovered the bad side, and eventually, joined Syndicate, just to fuck over NT