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JayStation banned by Enakai - JojoSiwaIsQueenOmggg - 04-03-2021

Who banned you?: Enakai

Byond Key: JayStation

Discord Username: I am not in the discord.

Date of Ban: Around March 29th-30th, 2021.

Specified Reason for Ban: "Constantly calling people 'nigga' and 'n word', even after being warned multiple times. Take a week off to review the rules."

Ban Length: It as Originally 7 days but I guess the admins extended it to 12 days.

What led to the ban?: I hop onto GoonStation without reading the rules as it was my first time playing. I called someone a fa**ot in IC because we were having an argument. Admins were kind and informed me about what I did wrong, so I took a look at the rules that they gave to me. I believe during the same day I said to someone "what up my n-word" but saying n-word is also apparently against the rules which I did not know. So a day or 2 later I get back on to continue playing and as the round is about to end, I get the option to play as a vampire. The round was pretty boring since I was dead for most of the time so I was excited to get back in as an antag. I played around a bit and I type out "hold still nigga" while trying to kill someone, which is a big no no. I know what I did was wrong, but I come from LRP servers where they're pretty lenient on what you can and can't say, so getting used to the rules is something that takes time for me. I'm sorry for doing what I did, and I'm hoping you'll understand.

Why am I appealing?: I'd like another chance to prove that I'm not an asshole.

Which rule did you break?: Don't be a racist poopoo head.

Evasion Attempts: I tried using an alt and to no surprise, didn't work.

RE: JayStation banned by Enakai - Enakai - 04-06-2021

Yeah, no. Consider it upped to a perm as well after evading with a CKEY like that. You can try appealing again in a month, but I wouldn't bother. Bye.

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