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RE: Cogmap1 Remaster - Tiggersaurus - 06-15-2020

Not really, to my knowledge it doesn't impact it on maps with far more chargers. Even one or two more chargers would be a good QoL change.

From a personal experience, I rarely take the repair upgrade especially when slots are limited - when a roboticist is about my default tends to be doc goggles, propulsion, efficiency. With more chargers I can maybe drop efficiency for something else. And again, it helps out when there is more than 1-2 Borg, engineering Borg can find cell rapidly drained from RCD.

Even just one at security I'd be happy with as it helps if someone goes brobo module, there are (and correct if wrong) 6 chargers - 2 robotics, tool storage, mining, engineering, ai upload. Which means just 1 really for the top of the station - you could look at it for a charger per module ish?

Tool storage - near civi things
AI upload for AI Borg shell
Robotics - general/mediborg

So maybe one for chem near research and one for sec for brobo?

RE: Cogmap1 Remaster - Leeanei - 06-16-2020

The big thing that would be nice is if sec was a little more secure. A few small suggestions:

Turrets to protect the armory so attacking it from space isn't trivial, there's already plenty of ways to get to the front door!

The brig escape route should be a tad bit harder, maybe just make the bathroom share a wall with that wrecked space section so you have to do a very trivial space walk to get out.

Genpop could be less large and half of it could be replaced with a second isolation cell with plasma glass.

RE: Cogmap1 Remaster - DJ-Fireball_did_this - 06-30-2020

Could you beef up the walls around the mechlab and engineering storage? I'd really like if everybody asked for inuls instead of breaking in 2 minutes in.

RE: Cogmap1 Remaster - TheRealFlapJackson - 09-08-2020

Kitchen Dispenser from manta in the kitchen. that is all. as a person who likes to play chef, this would be nice so i dont have to run over to QM and order a ton of milk

RE: Cogmap1 Remaster - TDHooligan - 09-14-2020

I'm gonna say +1 to moving the test chamber a little further out, some of my old mixes vented Artlab/Chem, not ideal

RE: Cogmap1 Remaster - subjectparfait - 09-18-2020

maybe re inforce toxins storage? or atleast make it less easy to rob. i actually make more bombs when im not scientist just because of how trivial it is to break in

RE: Cogmap1 Remaster - Boxta - 09-21-2020

More space for mechanics to do shit, More smaller construction areas (like the air hookups room)

RE: Cogmap1 Remaster - zcrow - 05-12-2021

Can we pleaaaaaase fix the awful bottleneck between the OR and cloning center in Medbay? Do geneticists really need all that space? (no). I'd suggest swapping around the breakroom and the current placement of cloning.

RE: Cogmap1 Remaster - Tiresoup - 05-27-2021

Add the kitchen dispenser (see:donut 3)
auto oxygenate chef's meat storage
seperate toxins from the main station via airbridge (see:ozymandias)
reinforce/expand cog1 armory, currently its lacking, maybe replace the N.A.R.C.S with an AI upload style turret in the center (see:oshan)

RE: Cogmap1 Remaster - Comrade f191 - 05-27-2021

please god stop necroposting a thread for a project i immediately abandoned almost a year ago
plus this thread was for an entirely new almost-cog1 map
y'all keep suggesting changes to /current/ cog1

RE: Cogmap1 Remaster - THISISANICEGAME - 05-27-2021

Just ask for the thread to be deleted then

RE: Cogmap1 Remaster - Cogwerks - 06-02-2021

i should probably fix some shit

"please god stop necroposting"

Ill go ahead and close this