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Mechanic Telesci Portal Bug - Vermonto - 03-10-2020

There seems to be a bug where you can get a telesci portal with no pad that you can't delete and sucks up all the power in a room, the portal also doesn't go off when the power gets drained. To make it you scan the telesci telepad and make one of your own, find valid coords and make a portal there, then you deconstruct the pad and the portal remains, unable to be turned off but it still functions and it also constantly sucks up all the power in the room. I'm pretty sure that's how you get it anyway, I think someone deleted the pad when I was gone because I came back to a pad frame and a magic portal. Even with all the wires snipped to the portal it still drains power.

The image attached is a pic of the portal, the other side just goes to the ocean.
It's a very minor bug but can still mess you up if it happens. (Mechanics lab had no power the rest of the round)