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[Feature] Go Board :D - AwkwardDryad - 02-17-2020


Showcase Video:

Pull Request:


RE: [Feature] Go Board :D - Frank_Stein - 02-17-2020

Can you eat the pieces?

RE: [Feature] Go Board :D - Adhara In Space - 02-17-2020

go go go vive a tu manera

RE: [Feature] Go Board :D - AwkwardDryad - 02-17-2020

(02-17-2020, 02:58 PM)Frank_Stein Wrote: Can you eat the pieces?
not currently :P

RE: [Feature] Go Board :D - Ryumi - 02-17-2020

Duuuude!!!! I love how the game actually shows on the item sprite itself, that's so cool!

And I really like Go, even if I suck at it! Merge merge merge!

RE: [Feature] Go Board :D - Studenterhue - 02-17-2020

I like that the first questions was "Can you eat the pieces?". Very adorable.

But seriously, good patch, good.

RE: [Feature] Go Board :D - Alphaeus - 02-18-2020

amazing, strategy hell yeah

RE: [Feature] Go Board :D - AwkwardDryad - 03-08-2020

It kinda fell off the patch list so here is the thing :)